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Tuned For Digital Transformation: Part One

JD Edwards yields tangible results for customers

A Q&A with Dawn Baker, Vice President of Product Development, Oracle

Q: It’s been a little over a year since the release of EnterpriseOne 9.2. In talking to customers, which examples of digital transformation resonate with you?

A: With the 9.2 release, we delivered an ERP platform that helps customers steer their business in the digital economy. Since the release became generally available, we’ve seen over 2,000 unique company downloads of the highest-quality release we’ve ever delivered.

Customers are now in various stages of their digital journey – some just getting started and others well on their way. How they choose to use the capabilities in 9.2 to progress their business strategy is as unique as the customers themselves. Some are tapping into the transformational technologies that enable SMART solutions (strategic, mobile, and real-time). Others are finding value in the industry-specific functionality that enables their digital business initiatives.

What these stories have in common is the theme of 9.2 as an innovation platform tuned for digital transformation. Customers are enabling mobile capabilities, implementing orchestration to drive automation, and using personalization and analytics to find even more value in the applications they’ve been using for years.

The story doesn’t end with the initial release of 9.2: We’ve continued to innovate on this platform by enabling enhanced user experience and analytical capabilities through UX One and by creating even more opportunities to surround the JD Edwards applications with the transformational technologies needed for a digital business.

For those customers still in the process of considering a move, we provide a streamlined upgrade process. Oracle’s Cloud Marketplace offers a trial edition of release 9.2, an easy way to kick the tires of this release – all designed to help shorten the time-to-value on this innovation platform.

Q: How are companies tailoring their 9.2 environment to amplify their success?

A: EnterpriseOne 9.2 has truly become a platform for innovation. It’s exciting to see many customers finding creative ways to use the personalization and technologies enabled with 9.2 to solve their unique business challenges.

Lewis Tree recently implemented 9.2 with a plan to use mobile applications to provide field employees access to JD Edwards applications, such as time entry or health and safety.

Mobility moves JD Edwards solutions to the point of process. For fleet management, mobile solutions support service work orders and job cost updates. Lewis Tree has many customized processes for managing the complexity of specific customer engagements. JD Edwards provided them the flexibility to manage the user experience effectively.

Another customer, Trek Bicycle, needed to eliminate manufacturing stoppages and customer fulfilment delays due to manual processes related to parts inventory. With JD Edwards and IoT, Trek is able to automate the ordering of parts using sensors. When the stock in the bin reaches a reorder point, the system automatically creates purchase orders, reducing reorder time and supporting efficient supply chain operations.

Merit Service Solutions is an example of another customer who implemented mobile applications. The company provides services, such as on-demand snow removal, landscaping and lot maintenance. The field work force now has GPS, Google Maps, and weather information integrated with the JD Edwards work order solution. Dynamic visual account management with attachments on the work order allows before and after photos to verify that the work has been completed. They are also able to schedule staff and prioritize work more effectively based on criticality and location.

Yet another example: Pfizer needed new JD Edwards’s instances to be available for its expanded market geographies, and needed them fast. The company’s goal is to digitize these critical emerging markets. Pfizer embraced the agility and speed that Oracle Cloud brings to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne and was able to get their new JD Edwards implementations completed in eight months.

This blog is part one of two about how customers are utilizing JD Edwards to drive innovation and solve unique business challenges.

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