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Understand the Difference: Is Your Vendor Providing True Managed Services or Reactive Support?


At INFOCUS Envision 21, Remote CNC Services’ Lonny Blan, CEO and Certified CNC Admin, and Matt Lamb, Sales Manager, presented on the difference between managed services and reactive support, and how to know which one your vendor is providing you with.

About Remote CNC Services

Remote CNC Services provides a full range of CNC administration services for JD Edwards, cloud hosting, and technical implementations and upgrades. Founded in 2006, this Tennessee-based and Veteran-owned LLC and Oracle Gold Partner is 100% on-shore and has all U.S. employees.

With over 20 years of JD Edwards senior technical consulting, Remote CNC Services is able to provide a collaborative network of JD Edwards technical and functional resources with 10+ years experience on average per consultant. Remote CNC Services works with both small and large global companies.

Services provided include:

  • Managed Services: An experienced CNC team, real-time monitoring, full-service CNC administration, an onshore help desk 7/24/365, and flexible plans.
  • Security: Realize significant benefits of SOX compliance and reporting, roles, menus, and take management in JDE EnterpriseOne and World.
  • Consulting: Seasoned JDE consultants create optimized plans for your implementation, upgrades, security, and JDE projects.
  • Cloud/Hosting: State-of-the-art hosting services and facilities with customizable public, private, and hybrid cloud.

Managed Services vs. Reactive Support

Managed Services

Managed services is the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating a need for, a range of processes and functions in order to improve operations and cut expenses. Under this subscription model, the client or customer is the entity that owns or has direct oversight of the organization or system being managed, whereas the Managed Services Provider (MSP) is the service provider delivering the managed services. The client and the MSP are bound by a contractual, service-level agreement that states the performance and quality metrics of their relationship.

Criteria of Managed Services include:

  • Proactive CNC task
  • Includes support services
  • Daily tasks such as package builds, user management, security, etc.
  • Monitoring of your JDE system
  • Resolution of all monitoring events
  • Typically 24/7 availability
  • Fixed costs

Remote CNC Services pointed out that you don’t want to be paying for Managed Services when you’re really only getting support.


Support is an alternative to Managed Services and is a break/fix or on-demand outsourcing model where the service provider performs on-demand services and bills the customer only for the work done.

Criteria for support include:

  • Support upon request
  • Assist with issue upon request
  • May assist in some daily duties
  • Monitoring not included
  • Typically only business hours availability
  • Billed per hour, or a prepaid bucket of hours

Remote CNC Services: Managed Services


Remote CNC Services provides monitoring of all mission-critical JD Edwards EnterpriseOne components including applications, services, operating systems, and system metrics. Some of the JDE Production environment and processes that Remote CNC Services monitors include:

  • Waiting and processing jobs
  • JDE Kernels processes
  • Web Cache
  • JAS Memory Usage
  • Number of users on the system
  • Monitor and clear terminated kernels (Zombies)
  • Database alerts
  • Hardware Memory Usage – both at the host and at the VM level
  • CPU Usage – both at the hose and at the VM level
  • Available Disk Space
  • Ability to log in to the JAS server
  • Availability of third-party systems

System Management

Remote CNC Services also provides Managed Services for System Management, including:

  • Web Servers management
  • Development WorkStation management
  • Configure and make adjustments to the JDBJ Cache or memory management
  • Reset user sessions
  • Capture user logs
  • Install new development workstations (as needed)

User Management

Remote CNC Services also provides Managed Services for User Management, including:

  • Add and terminate users
  • Reset password and enable users
  • Add and remove user roles

Security Management

Remote CNC Services, partnered with AllOut Security, provides Managed Services for Security Management, including:

  • Apply fine cut task filtering
  • Modify role access
  • Assist in auditing requests
  • Work with permission links
  • Configure LDAP support
  • Configure SSO environments
  • Manage system users
  • Maintain CNC technical and security roles
  • Maintain infrastructure security
  • Maintain database security

Change Management

Change management Managed Services include:

  • Maintain transfer rules
  • Maintain management workbench configuration
  • Manage object logging
  • Generate tables and indexes
  • Manage OMW promotion process

Package Management

Remote CNC Services’ Managed Services for Package Management include:

  • Build and deploy scheduled non-prod packages
  • Build and deploy scheduled prod packages
  • Deploy client packages
  • Resolve package build errors

Batch Processing Management

Managed Services for Batch Processing Management include:

  • Manage job queues
  • Manage work center
  • Purge work center messages (as needed)
  • Purge submitted jobs (as needed)
  • Maintain scheduler jobs
  • Purge scheduler history (as needed)
  • Place batch jobs on hold or terminate as requested

Patch Management

For Patch Management, Remote CNC Services provides these Managed Services:

  • Apply ESUs and ASUs upon request
  • Apply localization upon request
  • Apply language packs upon request
  • Weblogic/WebSphere patching
  • JAVA patching

Database Management

Remote CNC Services’ Managed Services for Database Management include:

  • Monitor database alerts
  • Defrag tables/indexes
  • Rebuild database statistics
  • Purge and archive data
  • Execute SQL statements upon request
  • Import/export schema or table
  • Set up database users

Data Refresh Management

Managed Services for Data Refresh Management include:

  • Maintain process for quick data refreshes
  • Refresh non-prod environments upon request
  • Remove Table triggers that reference Production data
  • Purge data such as external email address

System Servies

Remote CNC Services offers the following Managed Services for System Services:

  • Start/stop JDE services
  • Start/stop web services
  • Start/stop database services
  • Schedule and implement monthly system reboots
  • Restart third-party system reliant on JDE systems


Managed Services can be offered in a variety of forms, but it’s important to know what you’re getting and ensure that you are not paying for Managed Services when you are only truly getting support services.

To learn more about Remote CNC Services’ Managed Services, the levels they offer, and more on security, check out the INFOCUS Envision presentation attached below.

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Understand the Difference: Is Your Vendor Providing True Managed Services or Reactive Support?