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Utilizing Fluid Simplified Analytics For HCM

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator |

Key Takeaways 

John Robinson and Tammy Boyles from Oracle spoke at RECONNECT 18 about Fluid Simplified Analytics for Human Capital Management (HCM). Their presentation provided customers with information about the following key points:

  • The types of information that could be displayed in Analytics charts.
  • How to navigate the Analytics functions.
  • Roadmap items for the future of Analytics.

Overview of Analytics

John and Tammy provided the group with a live demonstration on how to use the Analytics feature and what kind of information could be shown on the charts.

They explained that Analytics can provide overview charts for information such as roles, locations, diversity, etc. Additionally, the data can also be broken down and customized to better suit information that users are trying to find.

For example, Tammy created a variety of charts that showed data such as: how many employees were in the company, how many were in each role, which branch location they worked at, etc. She also gave an example of a chart that showed where job applicants stood within the hiring process—phone interview, in-person interview, declined, unqualified, etc. She was able to make a chart for any information that the company had collected.

John went on to explain that users can utilize these charts or Pivotgrids to create a new homepage that showcases all the analytics that they wish to be displayed. Any information compiled by Analytics can also be exported into an Excel file for easy use.

Analytics Roadmap

As far as the roadmap for Analytics, several things were discussed. One item that was highlighted was the plans for administrator analytics. The plan is to allow administrators to view analytics based on workforce diversity, current headcount, compensation, education and more.

Pivotgrid threshold notifications were also on the roadmap for Analytics. This would mean that an administrator could configure thresholds for facts, which can be a distinct value or a range, through the PivotGrid Wizard tool. Notifications would be sent out when the value reaches that threshold; the notification list can be based on either roles or users, so the administrator can control who is receiving the notifications.

For more information about utilizing Analytics for HCM, check out the full presentation: Fluid Simplified Analytics for PeopleSoft Human Capital Management (HCM).


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