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What's New in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10

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As part of PeopleSoft Global Day 2020, Biju Narayanan, PeopleTools Development, presented what’s new in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10. These enhancements represent a significant improvement in the areas of automation, supported platforms, ease of use, and environment management.

Are you considering moving from an on-premise system to the cloud? Where on-premise solutions often carry high costs, long upgrade cycles, and systems you don’t fully utilize, cloud services deliver quarterly updates, elastic resources, and user-friendly access.

The first-generation cloud introduced elastic resources, pay-for-what-you-use billing, high scalability, self-service, and ease of use. Oracle Cloud builds on those features with superior performance, superior economics, enterprise expertise, a security-first approach, and an open ecosystem. Biju addressed each of those areas to show users how Oracle Cloud can be used to run a mission-critical enterprise portfolio.

Benefits of Running PeopleSoft in the Cloud

When PeopleSoft users move to Oracle Cloud, they receive extended benefits compared to on-premises and other clouds, including a 38–52 percent decrease in TCO and 2–10x faster reporting speed. Performance is backed by SLAs, so there’s no single point of failure, and the system includes automated migration and lifecycle management that can be completed in weeks. Unique capabilities enhance availability, security, and control and can be deployed in hours, not days.

You can become a Cloud Champion by combining OCI with Oracle PeopleSoft Cloud Manager.

When comparing PeopleSoft on OCI to PeopleSoft on other programs, you see:

PeopleSoft on OCI

  • Automated lift and Shift
  • Automated PI and PRP downloads
  • Automated PeopleTools patch and upgrade
  • Automated setup of Selective Adoption environments
  • Automated cloning and self-service provisioning
  • Leverages Oracle DBS, RAC, ExaCS
  • Ability to scale up and scale down
  • Deployment in hours
  • Early access to PeopleTools cloud-first release

PeopleSoft on Other Programs

  • Manual migration
  • Manual downloads
  • Manual application of patch and upgrades
  • Manual download and setup of PUM
  • IT process to provision
  • Manual deployment
  • Deployment in days
  • Wait for a new release for on-premises

Ultimately, when you run PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud, you can do more with less, from cloud manager automation, to migration, to created services, to life cycle management.

Superior Performance of Oracle Cloud

  • Faster components than other clouds, on par with on-premises
    • Bare metal, VMs, GPUs, local storage, block storage, database
  • More available network bandwidth between components
    • No over-subscription, no noisy neighbors, very low latency
  • First RDMA cluster offering 1.5-microsecond latency in the cloud
    • The toughest on-prem workloads can now run in the cloud

Superior Economics of Oracle Cloud

  • Each component is less expensive than other clouds
    • VMs, bare metal, block storage, outbound bandwidth, FastConnect
    • One price point globally
  • Overall solutions have 30–50% lower 5-year TCO than AWS or on-prem Universal Credits
  • Enables future-proof choice across infrastructure and platform services
  • Contains none of the constraints of AWS Reserved Instances

Enterprise Expertise with Oracle Cloud

  • Dual cloud regions in 10 countries and the EU
  • Azure Interconnect will be global by end of 2020
  • Lift and Improve: Run the same software as on-premises
    • VMware, EBS, PeopleSoft, ExaCS, Oracle Linux etc
    • HPC workloads that need RDMA
  • Fastest, most comprehensive Oracle Database options
  • Comprehensive SLAs for availability, performance, and management
  • Single vendor for support across cloud infrastructure and SaaS

Security First Approach in Oracle Cloud

  • Separate Cloud Control Computers
    • Oracle cannot see customer data
    • No user access to cloud control computer

Open Ecosystem with Oracle Cloud

  • You can run Oracle everywhere, but you can’t run Aurora anywhere but AWS
  • Oracle embraces de-facto standards, so customers have lower overhead and costs for orchestration (Terraform, Kubernetes), functions (Fn), streaming (Kafka), Oracle Data Science (ODS), etc.
  • Oracle works with partners like Microsoft and VMware to enable simpler migration, lower risk, and fuller function cross-vendor applications
  • Follows industry standards like CloudEvents for functions

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10 Highlights

The latest updates to PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10 can be broken into four categories:

  1. Ease of Use
  2. Automation
  3. Cost Reduction
  4. Extended DB Support

Regarding ease of use, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10 brings simplified navigation and network provisioning for VCN, subnets, firewalls, and network configurations. With automation, users can now create copies of development and test from production in minutes. Additionally, they may import externally created environments to PeopleSoft Cloud Manager, and there is new support for Nvision on Windows Process Scheduler, nested compartments, and regional subnets. Kibana support is also available. In terms of cost reductions, PeopleSoft Cloud Manager can stay current and automate updates with a single click patch apply. There is a dynamic and elastic filer server. Lastly, extended DB support comes through Exa CS support, TDE support, and 18c and 19c Oracle database version support.

To learn more about what’s new in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10, check out the PeopleSoft Global Day presentation and additional resources below.

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What's New in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager 10