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Introducing the Oracle Converged Database

Presented at INSYNC 21

Session ID: 100250

Are you a DBA or architect, or perhaps both, are your developers asking you to support their new application that is built on a single purpose data store?  Are they convinced that this new small footprint single data store is the only way forward for the problem they’re trying to solve?

Well there’s good news.  Only Oracle has a converged database that can meet their DevOps needs of CI/CD, event-driven and microservices while also supporting their data requirements whether it’s nosql key value pairs, or document store, or spatial and graph, or whatever other data persistence they’re seeking. Oracle’s converged database bridges the divide to embrace their needs with your mission critical enterprise requirements like security and high availability and performance.

Hear from Oracle Product Management about how the Oracle Converged Database can meet these requirements as well as why it should be the first platform to consider when looking to run with these development paradigms.

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Introducing the Oracle Converged Database