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KP's Experience Implementing Oracle Guided Learning on ERP

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 100660

After Kaiser Permanente’s upgrade to 9.2 it took nearly 1 year to revise thousands of job aids in UPK, not including any of the See it!/Try It! training guides in KP’s learning repository.  These job aids quickly became obsolete as we embarked on our Fluid journey.  Looking for better way to not only keep learning resources current, but more importantly a better way to train users, KP decided to implement Oracles Guided Learning solution.

Kaiser Permanente implemented Oracle Guided Learning over a 14-month period.  Guided Learning is Oracle’s in-application tool that walks users step-by-step through transactions. In other words, users are learning while doing an actual transaction in Production.  Oracle introduced Guided Learning with its Cloud offerings but can back-port it to ERP.  Working with Oracle, KP created over 340 Guides across 14 PeopleSoft Finance and Supply Chain modules.

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KP's Experience Implementing Oracle Guided Learning on ERP