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Automation is Coming and We Can't Stop It (Video)

Presented by George Danner, Business-Laboratory

We are at a unique period in the history of human technological progress, marked by our use of machines to do almost every task around us. To some, this is a frightening prospect, with machines threatening jobs and putting us at risk. To others, it is a thrilling opportunity to advance business and science and many other fields by leveraging the power of machine intelligence. In the end it does not matter if we love this future or not—it is simply inevitable.

George Danner has spent the last 5 years researching every angle of the automation lexicon, from building automated systems to using automation wisely in business. His book, The Executive’s How-To Guide to Automation summarizes his findings from examining many different industries and their approaches to automation. Along the way George learned a few foundational principles of automation that he will share with the audience through the lens of actual case examples.

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