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Delivering Business Value Through Streaming Data Analytics Automation

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Do you know how a large and complex organization like LA Unified School District has successfully rolled out a comprehensive business intelligence application that is business-oriented and producing results with data-driven decisions!  LAUSD Enterprise Reporting uses Kafka, ODI and Oracle technology components to deal with never-ending streams of events, to use Real-time or near-real-time processing to detect patterns and trends,  to build a suite of interactive dashboards based on streaming data integration for district executives, principals, teachers, counselors, and families with over 300 K-12 metrics and KPIs that provide whole child, whole school, whole district insight.  The session is planned as an interactive one, with a real-time demo, presented by a senior leader of the School District who has played a key role in the planning and execution of the huge effort.

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