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Oracle ERP Cloud Benefits Report

Oracle ERP Cloud Benefits Report

Cloud technologies are helping companies redefine modernization, innovation and competition in today’s digital world. With the industry-wide push to the cloud, it is more important than ever for organizations to demonstrate tangible business benefits from their investments in cloud technologies. Resources like this Oracle ERP Cloud benefits report point out what organizations should expect.

Customer evidence suggests first-year returns on investments in Oracle ERP Cloud fall within two benefit categories.

  • Operational Excellence
  • Finance Modernization, Integrated Business Insight and Agility

This ERP Cloud Benefits Report provides a glimpse into the benefits organizations can expect to achieve from the implementation and adoption of Oracle ERP Cloud. In this report, you will discover:

  • Benefit data collected through customer value assessment interviews
  • Areas where their organizations are performing strongly and areas where they may be able to make additional improvements
  • Key insights and critical success factors for a successful Oracle ERP Cloud transformation


At Oracle, our goal is to make customers and their business processes the center of our business. As business models and requirements continue to evolve, Oracle understands that there is a need to rethink the way customers are served in today’s environment. Our job has changed from IT enablement to supporting the core business processes of our customers, and we recognize that this means an altogether new way of looking at our responsibilities. We are responsible for Customer Success. Key to facilitating this is helping customers achieve measurable business outcomes. The goal of the Oracle Value Realization program is to engage with Oracle’s Cloud customers and help them target, track and measure business outcomes throughout their cloud transformation journey. This includes providing insights and best practices to help achieve the full potential of cloud investments, as well as quantifying and communicating the value customers experience from cloud investments.

Download the full report below.

Oracle ERP Cloud Benefits Report