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Oracle PeopleSoft Community Survey (Whitepaper)

Want to know how companies that use Oracle PeopleSoft are actually utilizing their solutions? Our annual PeopleSoft Community Survey report gives you answers. Every year we first survey the entire official PeopleSoft user community.  We then analyze all survey response data. Next, we pull key insights and summarize the most important findings. Finally, we publish one of our most valuable resources. The report illustrates what PeopleSoft customers are doing now. Perhaps even more important, it reveals how they plan to maximize their solutions tomorrow.

Download the report we developed from 1,439 responses to this year’s survey. Most respondents were from large organizations of 1,000 – 10,000+ employees. Their companies operate in 190 countries and span 25 industries such as public sector, education and financials. Respondents primarily work in middle management roles, but more than 10% are in senior, executive or C-level positions.

Our methodology allows Quest to demonstrate these and other findings:

  • Breakdowns on PeopleSoft HCM, PeopleSoft Financials, Tools and Technology, Procurement / Supply Chain and Enterprise Service Automation / Asset Lifecycle Management usage
  • Selective Adoption strategies and plans for staying current, PeopleSoft Fluid and customizations
  • Plans to upgrade to PeopleSoft 9.2 / PeopleSoft 9.2 features
  • PeopleTools 8.56, PeopleTools 8.55 and PeopleTools 8.54 versions

Download the full Oracle Peoplesoft Community survey report for answers to 11 additional questions like these.

Are Oracle PeopleSoft companies planning to run PeopleSoft in the Cloud?

26 percent of community companies currently using PeopleSoft Tools and Technology are thinking about running PeopleSoft in the cloud. This figure is up five percentage points from 2017.

67 percent said they are not considering it, while seven percent said they are already running all or part of their PeopleSoft solution in the cloud. This represents a seven percentage point increase from 2017. The option of “Not sure” was not included in the 2018 survey. (This explains the drop in that response.)

Overall we see companies increasingly using PeopleSoft in the cloud. Oracle’s release of tools like PeopleSoft Cloud Manager are most likely driving the increase by helping customers utilize the cloud in their solution.
Are Oracle PeopleSoft companies upgrading to PeopleTools 8.56?

Are Oracle PeopleSoft companies upgrading to PeopleTools 8.56?

70 percent of respondents said their companies do not plan to upgrade to PeopleSoft Tools 8.56. 30 percent said their companies have no plans to do so.


Are Oracle PeopleSoft companies using Fluid User Interface?Are Oracle PeopleSoft companies using Fluid User Interface?

40 percent of respondents are currently using Fluid User Interface in their PeopleSoft solution. This represents a  seven percentage point increase from 2017.

Reasons given for respondents choosing to implement Fluid include the better user experience, increased ease of use and the ability to enable a more mobile workforce. Most commonly used Fluid areas are Self Service, Expense and Approvals.