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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a lot like preserving the Earth's environment: Almost everyone is talking about what should be done to save it, but very few people have committed to actually doing something about it.

This session demonstrates a few real-life opportunities to discover unseen patterns and relationships within sample financial and election data by leveraging the AI and ML capabilities already built into Oracle Autonomous Database.

Data is the fuel for AI - the 21st century equivalent for what electricity did for the 20th century. AI will change everything! Companies that aggregate data from multiple sources, enriched with AI, will have a distinct advantage. Come to this session to learn how Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse, Oracle Analytics Cloud, and Oracle Digital Assistant, offer seamless conversational access to make ad-hoc queries like nothing else before. It's like superpowers for your teams!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

DBAs spend time dealing with maintenance, security, and outage issues with little time for innovation. Self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing Autonomous Databases free data professionals to leverage their domain knowledge and data skills to extract more value from data. Oracle Machine Learning, part of Autonomous Database, “moves the algorithms to the data” for in-database processing of machine learning algorithms that eliminate data movement. Now, the entire machine learning process:  problem statement, data understanding and preparation, model building and evaluation, model apply and model deployment runs inside the Oracle Database.   Database developers perform many supporting tasks today, typically 80% of the work, but refer to them as ETL, data wrangling, data transformations, and productionizing scripts.   Come learn how ADW, ATP, and Oracle Machine Learning makes it easy for you to easily expand your valuable data skills and become “data scientists” in just 6 weeks!

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Accelerate business insights through data discovery, advanced analytics, and comprehensive Visualization delivered through Oracle BI. This session focuses on LAUSD deployment of an advanced, custom UI/UX framework on Oracle BI stack to deliver extreme Visualization and a live demonstration on how we adopted a simplified reporting platform for line-of-business users on key metrics, dazzling visualization, and infographics delivered through BI dashboards to help improve the decision-making process across the organization.

*Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Drop Tank manages gas station loyalty technologies and programs for many of America’s best-known fuel brands. Millions of transactions and diverse POS systems bring the complexity of both scale and scope to their cloud-based data warehouse and analytics system. You’ll hear how ADW, OAC, ODI, and Oracle CX cloud work together to provide reporting and analytic insight to marketers and program managers. This real-world case study will highlight what worked well, what didn’t, and what the future promises.


  • Share the challenges that Drop Tank faces in integrating diverse data sources into a comprehensive solution in Autonomous Data Warehouse Cloud.
  • Discuss the data modeling challenges necessary for reporting complex retail transactions across thousands of individual store locations and diverse audiences for analytics.
  • Review the guiding principles and preferences that helped this implementation succeed. Discuss what it’s like to be on the cutting edge of Oracle’s technologies.

Presented by:

Tim Vlamis, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.
Timothy Miller, Drop Tank
Doug Schieder, Vlamis Software Solutions, Inc.

Matthew Haavisto, Product Management Director, wrote a blog about the value of personalized analytic notifications. The concept of thresholds has been available in PeopleSoft a while now, but combining thresholds with notifications and making them personalizable by end users provides additional power and value that many people may not initially recognize.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Data-driven companies make strategic decisions based on data analysis. Today, gut instincts aren’t enough to remain competitive. Most businesses know that data must lie at the heart of their decision-making processes but struggle to execute on this.

Luckily, there’s a goldmine of data inside your JD Edwards system. In this demo-rich session, attendees will learn how to leverage JDE as a source for compelling data analysis. We will explore the common challenges of becoming data-driven and show how JDE companies are currently prevailing with the right foundational pieces in place.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle Cloud SaaS and PaaS offer a myriad of integration choices. In this session you’ll learn about the way Yum! Brands integrates with vendors and other internal systems using SOA CS, BI Publisher, REST API’s, ATOM Feed, VBCS, JCS, and DBaaS.

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Nov 14 @  5:00pm

PeopleSoft offers a rich variety of options for reporting and analytics. Some new additions are changing the analytics landscape, however; features such as analytics thresholds and personalized analytics notifications not only provide information, they change the way users interact with applications. Kibana offers new analytics and visualization options while providing performance improvements. Logstash enables you…