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A recent Oracle blog, written by Frank Nimphius, explored how to integrate frequently asked questions (FAQs) with Q&A intents and framework in Oracle Digital Assistant. Creating a bot to provide answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) is a popular first chatbot project. The expectation is that the chatbot will reduce the number of calls needing to be handled by a human and that it will increase the number of service requests that can be processed within a given time. Chatbots that answer questions certainly live up to that expectation, but they are not very engaging and certainly could do more.

Margaret Lindquist, Oracle BRANDVOICE contributor, wrote in Forbes about how the University of Adelaide is leveraging Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) to answer important attendance eligibility questions from potential students and, ultimately, substantially grow its student population within the next five years. Catherine Cherry, the school’s director of prospect management, is putting innovative technologies to work to help meet that goal.

During Quest Experience Week (QXW) 2019, we explored the world of chatbots, digital assistants, and the future. There are thousands of chatbots in use today, and if you’ve called or texted a customer services group, then you’ve likely encountered one. It's important to understand where chatbots are in use and what their value is to both the individual and the organization. There are both simple and more complex use cases for the implementation and use of chatbots and digital assistants within a modern ERP application.

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PeopleSoft chatbots enter the digital assistant scene and add accessibility to existing PeopleSoft business applications while modernizing the user experience. To get started with PeopleSoft chatbots, customers need an understanding of not only the current and projected capabilities of chatbots but how digital assistants operate within the PeopleSoft framework. Samidha Rege and Robbin Velayedam of Oracle provided foundational information to get your organization started using PeopleSoft chatbots.

Access all 14 Quest Experience Week PeopleSoft session recordings. Purchase now.

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Has your organization asked you to do more and more with less time, money, and resources? Are you tasked with finding creative ways to leverage your existing teams to focus them on more value-added tasks? Oracle recognizes that challenge and has considered how to leverage emerging technologies such as chatbots and the Internet of Things…

As part of Quest’s 2019 Orchestrator Week, Noel D’Costa, Principal Software Engineer at Oracle, gave a presentation about how to leverage emerging technology like machine learning, robotic process automation, and chatbots in JD Edwards.

The PeopleSoft Chatbot Integration Framework is an important tool that allows PeopleSoft users to integrate PeopleSoft with the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) and start leveraging chatbots in their organizations.

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