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JD Edwards Orchestrator Week:  As enterprise systems evolve towards adaptive intelligence and autonomy, JD Edwards is at the forefront of researching the associated technologies and prototyping solutions that address tomorrow’s business problems for our customers. Oracle technologies including machine learning, robotic process automation, chatbots, with embedded artificial intelligence are shaping this future. Come join this…

At RECONNECT 19, representatives from Presence of IT spoke about their client Endeavour Foundation’s rapid deployment of PeopleSoft Fluid Timesheet and how it helped the organization reduce the number of customizations and improve the user experience.

As Lyle Ekdahl, JD Edwards General Manager, puts it, citizen developers are the business analysts and other non-developers who leverage JD Edwards configuration, extensibility, and personalization platforms to configure solutions that enable their business processes, and the end-users who personalize it to meet their individual needs. To empower these citizen developers, there are several citizen developer frameworks within JD Edwards EnterpriseOne to help them configure, extend, and personalize their environments.

Caroline Wong, Chief Security Strategist at Cobalt.io, a cybersecurity company, wrote an article in Forbes about 10 cybersecurity blind spots that companies should keep an eye on. These are issues that security teams don’t always see or aren’t always accounting for, but they should be.

Safety is an essential goal for all organizations – no matter the field of work. There are several moving parts when it comes to safety management, but with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Health and Safety Incident Management, you can feel better equipped to properly handle and prevent safety issues. The system helps companies easily make safety…

101470 Presented at RECONNECT 19

With more enterprises hosting mission-critical applications like Oracle-PeopleSoft in the cloud, application managers and DevOps teams need to be aware of the evolving threat landscape. They also need to architect the deployment to be resilient in the face of ever-evolving threats. In this talk, Laurent Gil will share the latest cybersecurity research findings based on real-world security operations along with innovative approaches to managing and mitigating security events at the cloud edge. He'll also talk about how one global energy and waste management firm strengthened its security posture and protected its cloud-based PeopleSoft implementation from DDoS attacks with the Oracle Web Application Firewall (WAF). You'll learn about the steps companies take—and the security challenges they overcome—when moving PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Presented by Laurent Gil, Oracle Corp.

101660 Case Study - Managing Non-Employees within PeopleSoft - Midwest Healthcare System Presented at RECONNECT 19 In this session we share how a large Midwest Healthcare system is utilizing PeopleSoft’s HCM to manage and track non-employees.  Non-employees such as volunteers, contract doctors, nursing students or contingent workers, have been managed through multiple systems and their…

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Business process are constantly evolving and it can be a challenge for legacy ERP systems to keep up. From a security and compliance standpoint, an organizations’ risk has increased exponentially as years of accumulating ERP data has created a significant liability with the introduction of data privacy mandates like GDPR (with more to come.) In…

Barb Darrow, Senior Director of Communications at Oracle, wrote about today’s “unprecedented challenge” of cybersecurity. Technological and legal complexities are continuing to grow in this age of heightened cybersecurity threats—including a rise in state-sponsored hacking. This “unprecedented challenge” was a topic of conversation between Dorian Daley, Oracle Executive Vice President and General Counsel, and Edward Screven, Oracle’s Chief Corporate Architect during Oracle’s recent Media Days.