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Dec 6 @  11:00am

Presented by Edward Zou On your ERP, SCM, HCM and CX transformation journey to Oracle SaaS, how do you apply unique business practices to standard cloud applications and improve end user engagement? In this webinar, learn how Oracle Cloud Platform provides a choice of intelligent capabilities to deliver company-specific extensions to your Oracle ERP and…

Aug 28 @  2:00pm

Leverage the power of Oracle Autonomous PaaS to Connect and Extend CX,ERP, and HRMS applications Presented by Kudan Vyas, Principal Product Manager, Oracle PaaS Most enterprises on a transformational journey want to take advantage of cloud computing environments to drive business growth, and stay ahead of the competition. Some choose to reduce the IT cost…

"Cloud implementation projects are markedly different from the traditional on premise versions and require organizations to pay added attention to the project launch. Starting a project with an understanding of the business need, vision, organizational buy-in, and enthusiasm is key to the project’s overall success. This workshop will provide attendees with tools and techniques to design an effective Cloud launch program.

Pre-registration for this event is required during conference registration. Only customers registering through the Quest registration portal qualify. If you have already registered, add additional functions in myConference, the online registration management tool, or via email through [email protected]"

"The importance of customer experience is of singular importance felt across all industries from retail to manufacturing. In today’s market, there are more competitors than ever and the ability to leverage a more engaged and simple process to interact with customers can be the differentiating factor.

"Using Oracle’s ERP Cloud, we recently went live with a specialty contractor that is experiencing extreme growth.

EMC, an INC 5000 company, has grown by 249% over the past three years. As an extremely fast-growing company EMC needed a new ERP system that would scale with the business. EMC evaluated SAP and Oracle, and ultimately chose Oracle Cloud, and the Terillium team as their implementation partner.

Using Oracle Cloud software our customer can digitally: track leads and opportunities, easily turn leads into estimates/quotes, turn a quote into a project and contract, generate purchase orders based on projects and contracts, manage project budgets, recognize revenue based on projects and contracts, track schedules, generate reports, create invoices and track billing, close-out projects once completed.

In this presentation I will cover how we set up the system and used the power of Oracle ERP Cloud to support the entire Project Life Cycle. "

Using Custom Objects, we recently developed an Oracle Sales Cloud interface to fill a business need for one of our Oracle ERP Cloud customers.

For Carr Properties, the innovative tool developed in-house that provided its business users with easier access to data from its JDE applications was just the start.

Useful content, ease of use and understandable functionality are as (or more) important than visual design for an effective type-ahead. We’ll look at examples and discuss best practices to help you guide your users to what they are looking for and what you want to show them.

Machine Learning is hot. Every new technology (and most old ones) claim to incorporate it into their platform, but few can explain in plain English what the machine learning is there for and whether it has application for you. In this session, we’ll talk about what artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, and neural networks actually are, what they’re good and bad at, and enumerate Ecommerce use cases where these technologies are useful. We’ll focus on Endeca search and navigation and the role of Experience Manager curation, but also look at Ecommerce generally as we attempt to inject some common sense into the conversation about machine learning and help you decide which capabilities you actually need.

You keep hearing Oracle talk about Continuous Delivery. What the heck does that REALLY mean? This session will focus on what that is, what it means and the benefits to your Company.