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Jul 10

Oracle Database 19c SIG

SIG Meetings & Calls

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

For administrators and developers with little exposure to and new to cybersecurity, this presentation demonstrates various exploits across multiple tiers; in web servers, application servers, code, and even the operating system. Observe firsthand how easy it is for hackers to break into an unsecured system and learn about real-world consequences. Learn about cybersecurity risks, research findings, and CVEs. As an IT administrator or developer, find out where to start and what is needed to properly lock down your environments and applications.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle provides a number of "vanilla" recipes in the Docker repository but these don't cover the needs of modern enterprises. This presentation discusses methods for creating images to support Data Guard, OEM, APEX, Sharding, rapid container deployments, Gold images, and transportable datasets. Participants will learn how to develop and customize Dockerfiles and orchestrations and apply them to their needs.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides a comprehensive monitoring solution for your on-premise, hybrid, and cloud estate through a single pane of glass. Through its holistic approach, Oracle Enterprise Manager offers rich features as a foundation for monitoring all components of your IT infrastructure. This session gives valuable insight into monitoring best practices with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c. Learn practical tips and strategies with common use cases to simplify and streamline monitoring of your IT ecosystem. Drill-down topics covered include best practices, common challenges, and new features in monitoring including Intelligent Incident Compression, Always-On Monitoring, login page customization, consolidating alerts, and more.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

You've got lots of languages to choose from when it comes to building apps. You could do "ground up" - 100% hand-coded - yet that often leads to over-engineered solutions completed behind schedule, over budget, or both. But have you heard of low-code tools? You're still going to do some coding, but these products will help you deliver your app faster and cheaper, with more consistency and built-in security. Attend this session to learn about the low-code approach and related tools. You might discover a fast track to delivering all the applications your users are clamoring for.

SGA Tuning 101

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Correctly setting up your SGA correctly goes beyond simply setting MEMORY_TARGET and MEMORY_MAX_TARGET. There are minimum settings for various pools that need to be considered. A methodology for setting these as well as ongoing tracking and adjustment is presented here, along with a handy worksheet for working calculating your settings.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

New in Oracle 20c is the Autonomous Health Service that supports centralized diagnostic monitoring of your on-premise Oracle RAC database clusters. Learn how to free up local cluster resources and improve monitoring efficiency with this centralized service-based solution. Practical tips and best practices for setup will be covered along with a demonstration of its responsive browser-based dashboard and triage console. Specific RAC database, ASM, and cluster issues will be rapidly triaged utilizing the built-in support for Trace File Analyzer and ORAchk/EXAchk collections, Cluster Health Advisor problem diagnosis, Hang Manager and Memory Guard events and QoS Management workload performance metrics.

We often see DBAs use somewhat cumbersome methods to document or write implementation steps that involve a combination of both OS (i.e. "Bash") and Oracle (i.e. "SQL Plus") commands.  However, with pipes and command concatenation, most Oracle utility commands can be executed more efficiently from a single or small number of OS commands.

Using a single command not only makes documentation and manual steps easier/cleaner to implement but also makes the commands trivial to automate or use at scale with tools such as Ansible.

Oracle Database 20c came with 138 new features and three major ones, which are directly related to tables and indexes in the database: Blockchain Tables, Automatic Index Optimization and Automatic Zone Maps. The article covers all these three in detail with some examples.

George Danner, President of Business Laboratory, recently talked through how to transform a company by rethinking, reimagining how it could work with a digitally connected enterprise (customers, partners, things, and systems) with intelligence from the data driving decision-making processes. Learning more about digital transformation is key in the everchanging world we live in, and Danner's presentation helps users understand it and learn from professional sports about how analytics has transformed the way sports teams organize themselves, select players, establish strategies, and win.