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Mar 23

Oracle MAA SIG Meeting: March 2022

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What is digital transformation without a solid data foundation? While digital transformation is everywhere—and is seen as an essential strategy for staying ahead of the competition —it requires effectively leveraging data assets and competing on analytics. Competing on data analytics is now an essential element of digital transformation, and this requires that data managers and their business counterparts successfully capture and rein in the data flowing through and around their enterprises. It means greater care and attention need to be applied to data management and provisioning, especially information about customers, partners, and suppliers. Data is also flowing in from a wide range of sources, such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence systems, mobile devices, social media, and production systems.

Plans for the Database & Technology Forum at BLUEPRINT 4D are shaping up nicely, with a host of product experts lined up to share the latest and greatest from Oracle.  In this blog series, we’ll interview key speakers and learn what they’re most looking forward to as the Quest community prepares to gather for its first in-person event in over two years.

We kick off the series with Willie Hardie, Vice President of Oracle Database Product Development, who sat down with us recently to share his thoughts about Oracle Database at BLUEPRINT 4D:

Enterprises can no longer slow down or stop―for even a minute. The costs are simply too high. Industry estimates put the average cost of IT downtime at $5,600 a minute, with the range of losses between $140,000 and $540,000 per hour. As part of their efforts to keep this expensive downtime at bay―and to ensure the continued viability and availability of data flowing through enterprises, data managers are increasingly turning to strategies such as automation and cloud services. Still, they continue to have difficulties and acknowledge that keeping their data environments up-to-date is holding them back from delivering more capabilities to their organizations.

Feb 10 @  11:00am

Presented by Kumar Varun, Principal Product Management, Product Management, OCI Join this webinar to see how to analyze Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) data combined with log data to get deep troubleshooting and root-cause analysis using OCI Logging Analytics. See the simplified process for using OCI Logging Analytics with EM including the EM-Bridge feature that enables…

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