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Jan 19 @  1:00pm

  Please join the UiPath Community Team as we kickstart the New Year with this exciting competition!!! Taking RPA courses and joining the UiPath Community Forum are great ways to learn more about UiPath technologies and get involved in a supportive community that can help answer your questions and share their experiences. Requirements to Attend…

Jan 13 @  11:00am

Cloud Customer Connect Events are webinars targeted to Oracle Cloud customers that cover a wide range of Applications and Infrastructure topics. Membership is required to join these events. If you are not yet a member, click here to get started. Description: In this session, you’ll learn how to gain instant access to monitor and administer one or…

Jan 11 @  12:00pm

If you reflect on all the winning teams you’ve ever been a part of, what’s the ONE thing all those teams had in common? Did you say, “We had the smartest people with the best tools?!” Probably not. Instead, you likely identified interpersonal relationships built on trust, respect and collaboration—not to mention, everyone on the…

2021 QXW 

What do you need to build a fully automated Oracle DBaaS stack? Hardware, Software and a heterogenous team with a passion for automation. I am proud to be part of the team which has ramped up in the last months a DBaaS for a large Swiss customer with a huge bandwidth of technology. From PCA to ZDLRA, from VMWare vRA to Ansible Tower, from Jira Tasks to Scaled Agile Framework, each team member brought in his expertise to bring the service to the market. I will show you what you need to build such a service from scratch. What we have learned when setting up DevOps tools like Ansible and git. And what I can tell you, the passionate team is the key to success. I am not talking only about tech stuff, we want to see what is required in the back, and how long the way is from the first sprint planning to customer readiness.

Presented by Martin Berger, Platform Architect, Trivadis AG

2021 QXW 

In this talk we present an overall development architecture – app tier and data tier – for building scalable Microservices with the Converged Oracle database. The talk covers a mobile food delivery app – GrabDish – to illustrate business data, spatial, graph, document/JSON data types – with the containerized, multi-tenant aspects of the data platform, while also showing aspects of docker containers and Kubernetes that are available both on Oracle Gen2 cloud and the on-premises Oracle Linux stack. The attendees will be able to complete self-guided hands-on-labs to get familiar with the code and extend it to build their own microservices. We will share an open platform technology stack for Microservices that helps with a multi-cloud deployment strategy.

Presented by Vishal Mehra – Developer Evangelist, Oracle

2021 QXW 

When using Oracle you will find more than enough solutions for High Availability and Data Security. If you have never been confronted with this topic before, you might ask yourself what solutions are there anyway and which one is right for my problem. Without delving too deeply into technical details such as setup and operation, a few of the most common solutions (Standby Database with Standard Edition via Scripting, Dbvisit, Refreshable PDB, Oracle Data Guard, Oracle Failover Cluster, Oracle RAC One Node and Oracle RAC) will be touched upon briefly and compared with each other. The comparison of the different solutions provides a decision-making for your environment.

Presented by Axel vom Stein, DBA, BSS Bohnenberg GmbH