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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Database Administrators usually collect summary performance, and utilization data for QoS reports. Usually, they present the information in text files with rows and rows of data. The management and users like and understand the visual representation of data better. The tabular format may not make the impact or get the attention you desire. Attend this session to see how easily you can convert those tabular formats to pictures using the free and open-source Google Charts. Google Charts is a pure JavaScript-based charting library to enhance web applications by adding interactive charting capability. This session includes many demos and provides you with templates that you can start using right away by plugging in your favorite SQL.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

DevOps concepts, practices, and tools have spread widely in the past decade as teams look to improve their ability to deliver working software swiftly and reliably. These concepts and tools are important for people involved in all aspects of software development, delivery, and support to understand.

This session provides an overview of core concepts and mindsets of DevOps, typical DevOps tools and patterns of usage of those tools, and how all of this relates to your database. Key areas of focus will be the use of source code management tools such as GitHub, automated testing, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment tools such as Concourse, CI/CD-enabling database tools such as Liquibase, and Infrastructure as Code.

Examples of how a database support team has adopted these practices and tools will be given along with lessons learned along the way including thoughts on how best to get started if you’re just beginning to explore DevOps for your database environment.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Oracle provides a number of "vanilla" recipes in the Docker repository but these don't cover the needs of modern enterprises. This presentation discusses methods for creating images to support Data Guard, OEM, APEX, Sharding, rapid container deployments, Gold images, and transportable datasets. Participants will learn how to develop and customize Dockerfiles and orchestrations and apply them to their needs.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

You've got lots of languages to choose from when it comes to building apps. You could do "ground up" - 100% hand-coded - yet that often leads to over-engineered solutions completed behind schedule, over budget, or both. But have you heard of low-code tools? You're still going to do some coding, but these products will help you deliver your app faster and cheaper, with more consistency and built-in security. Attend this session to learn about the low-code approach and related tools. You might discover a fast track to delivering all the applications your users are clamoring for.

Almost all eyes are focused on UI development these days, leveraging JavaScript to build intuitive apps and more. Yet underneath it all, we still rely heavily on databases generally, and Oracle Database in particular. Join IOUG for the launch of a twelve month series of discussions with experts like Steven Feuerstein and Connor McDonald, as…

After building several different REST integrations for both internal and external applications it became clear that no two are alike.  Authorize.net was no exception.  Authorize.net is a third party system Jefferson County Public Schools uses to handle the actual payment entry for our bolt on student fees module.  See how Jeffco moved from a soon…

This session will explore the global deployment of Oracle ERP Cloud Financials, SCM, HCM and PBCS for GP Strategies, a global, professional services firm. The global deployment cuts across the entire suite of Oracle Cloud products, including: Financials, Procurement, Sourcing, Project Portfolio Management, Taleo Enterprise Edition and HCM. We'll take a deep dive into the…