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100890 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Doesn’t it seem like no one takes Payroll seriously?  I have found that in all my years working in Payroll most companies don’t really understand the complexity of payroll.  How difficult is it to run a payroll?  Presented by EmeraldCube, a Syntax Company.   Felicia Bratton, EmeraldCube Solutions

100690 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 The new resources of JD Edwards Orchestrator avaliable in the 9.2 JD Edwards version, open a large possbilities to working with integration of machines, devices, systems, databases and etc. Now it is possible build JD Edwards Services through the Orchestrator, there are many tools to help us in all needs…

Are you an Oracle Ebusiness, JD Edwards, PeopleSoft and/or Hyperion user? Finance, Procurement, SCM, HR or Payroll? Confused about Cloud and if it is right for your organization? IBM's Cloud Impact Assessment delivers in just 20 business days a tailored roadmap, business case and live Cloud "sandbox" (with your company's data). Learn how you can start your journey and earn a free assessment.

Learn in this session that want your users want, you already have. All you need is JDEdwards 9.2 tools! When you bring your AIS URL, we will make you leave with an abundance of mobile applications: Bar code scanning, CRM, Issue material, and many more.

Every JD Edwards customer is at a different trailhead on their JDE journey. Join Bob Monahan and Gary Grieshaber to explore the paths you can take to achieve the benefits of EnterpriseOne 9.2.

COLLABORATE 19 Session: 110140 Please visit the JD Edwards for Small Businesses SIG to learn more about our group. We are about making it easier to do your job better. We may all be from different industries but we all share similar problems as small businesses. All of us have tools and tricks we have…

You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it. There are a lot of opportunities for improving and optimizing your recruiting and onboarding efforts but how do you know where to start? There are key metrics that you should be measuring in order to determine where you can achieve the biggest improvement and ROI. This presentation looks at the key recruiting and onboarding metrics your organization should be measuring and how you should use this information to focus your improvement efforts and to build business cases. The information presented is applicable to any recruiting/onboarding system.

Presented by Nikki Bruner, Ernst & Young, LLP

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 104420

User-Defined Objects (UDOs) is the newest term for existing UI configuration like Grid Formats, CafeOne, and E1 Pages, but also encompasses newer, emerging technologies like Form Personalization and Orchestrator. But in order for "U" to "DO" - you have to know where to start, and you have to have access. Let's explore where UDOs live, how you work with them (hello, Web OMW!), their unique security, and what setup is required to begin. Consider this session your pre-requisite for all those Orchestrator, Composed Pages, and Form Personalization sessions on your agenda, and get the foundation and setup out of the way so YOU can start DO-ing. Bonus checklist included! Presented by EmeraldCube, a Syntax Company.

Presented by Sarah Mills, EmeraldCube Solutions

Data analytics are becoming increasingly popular and helpful to employers looking to attract and retain the top talent in their industry. Analytics can drastically improve HR processes like recruiting. Linda Currey Post, a senior writer at Oracle, wrote an article in Forbes about how Human Resources professionals are utilizing analytics in order to attract top talent and retain it within their organization. Analytics can quickly show you helpful information like which applicants are the best matches based on the requirements in a job posting.