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At Oracle OpenWorld 2018, Oracle CEO Mark Hurd stated that 35 percent of a recruiter’s day is spent on sourcing and processing candidates. However, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) can introduce efficiency into the entire recruiting process and eliminate costly manual processes. Finding the right talent and then onboarding that talent efficiently can be challenging in today’s competitive recruitment environment, but Hurd explained how he sees emerging technology changing recruiting moving forward.

The Human Resources Manager UX One role is available for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Human Capital Management. This role brings several benefits to users, including access to the associated UX One page and components, tools for receiving alerts, analyzing data, and easy access to related programs that enable users to take action if required.

There truly is strength in numbers. Human Resources lays this foundation at top performing companies. HR encourages hundreds, if not thousands of people to work toward the same direction and goal. This creates a shared sense of purpose and an engaging culture. Establishing an engaging culture that encourages people to work together, continue learning, and grow their careers in a meaningful way will motivate your workforce to create value. One of the best ways to facilitate this is with an intelligent, personalized HR technology. Unfortunately, not all technology is as simple and supportive as it sounds.

Darshan Sapaliga and Ilya Osovets, two Solution Engineers at Oracle, walked through a blockchain solution that various organizations can use to check profiles of prospective employees with security and confidence.

This presentation looks at the key recruiting and onboarding metrics your organization should be measuring and how you should use this information to focus your improvement efforts and to build business cases. The information presented is applicable to any recruiting/onboarding system.

Sarah Mills shares her best choice to get involved with Quest and the lessons she learned along the way, including saying "no". Take a candid look at how being a consultant differs from being a customer.

102020 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 The employee landscape and experience continues to evolve and change and so do the requirements for Employee Self Service.  The Port of Portland has merged our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion value with JDE self-service. Kristin Thill McKenzie, Port of Portland

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101800 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Fluidmaster has more than 200 CAFE1's mostly created by users! See Fluidmaster's demonstration of how to create BASIC CAFE1's that can be done as early as the tools release.  Review some existing CAFE1's that Fluidmaster employees and business analysts have created.  There are many fancy CAFE1 demonstrations, but this…

Are your users demanding a better JD Edwards HCM user experience?  Looking for ways to do that without customizing?  JD Edwards and The Port of Portland will walk through the top 5 ways you can enhance and improve your HCM professionals and your employees user experiences.  We will cover practical low cost examples that you…

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