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Lyle Ekdahl, Senior Vice President of Product Development for Oracle JD Edwards, gave a keynote presentation at COLLABORATE 19 about JD Edwards customers who have showcased digital success with a 9.2 upgrade, UX One, Orchestrator, and automation in JDE. Lyle brought up Rajesh Ranabhor, Senior Architect for Edwards Lifesciences, about the company’s 9.2 upgrade and the benefits that it has brought with it.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 104420

User-Defined Objects (UDOs) is the newest term for existing UI configuration like Grid Formats, CafeOne, and E1 Pages, but also encompasses newer, emerging technologies like Form Personalization and Orchestrator. But in order for "U" to "DO" - you have to know where to start, and you have to have access. Let's explore where UDOs live, how you work with them (hello, Web OMW!), their unique security, and what setup is required to begin. Consider this session your pre-requisite for all those Orchestrator, Composed Pages, and Form Personalization sessions on your agenda, and get the foundation and setup out of the way so YOU can start DO-ing. Bonus checklist included! Presented by EmeraldCube, a Syntax Company.

Presented by Sarah Mills, EmeraldCube Solutions

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 110810

To thrive in the digital economy you are going to need some help from technology. Your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne system continues to evolve with new enhancements—new weapons—to help you compete in the digital economy. Among these enhancements, perhaps none is more far-reaching, impactful, and versatile than the Orchestrator. This session will describe some specific product capabilities and usage patterns to show you how the Orchestrator can be your "secret weapon" to thrive in the digital economy.

Presented by A.J. Schifano, Oracle

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 102620

JD Edwards is now 64 bit, and everyone is excited, but WHY? This presentation takes a deeper look at why your next tools upgrade should be 64 bit. And once you make that decision, what is going to take to put into that your environment. We will look at how that may affect your interfaces, ODBC connections and printer drivers.

Presented by David Toal, Terillium, Inc.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 101040

EnterpriseOne upgrades are daunting for every customer. One of the biggest struggles is figuring out what to test when updating your E1 system. Tools Release upgrades deliver a specific type of change and designing a test strategy specifically for these updates can reduce the time it takes to upgrade and makes it easier to stay current with the product.

Presented by John Phillips, Interstate Batteries

Are you tired of retrofitting your UI customizations to EnterpriseOne applications during your continuous adoption journey? Are you struggling to identify customizations made to applications that you have done in your code base? Are you looking to reduce your customization footprint and reduce continuous adoption costs? The Decustomizer Analysis Report enables you to do just that. It helps identify and target simple UI customizations. The report also gives you easy-to-consume information on EnterpriseOne application customizations that can be replaced with Personalization Frameworks. It helps track and reduce your stay current baggage with each update cycle.

Digital business in the areas of transportation, music, restaurants, lodging, groceries, and movies are all easy, accurate, and timely. In order to make digital business with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne easy, accurate, and timely as well, users need to start learning about Orchestrator, get a sandbox, pick a problem, solve it, and engage with peers and partners. A.J. Schifano, Product Manager for Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, spoke about patterns that lead to digital transformation when using the JDE EnterpriseOne Orchestrator.

The Critical Patch Update (CPU) for April 2019 was released yesterday, April 16. Oracle strongly recommends applying the patches as soon as possible.

Did you know that you can call an Orchestration from an EnterpriseOne form event in real time without any customization? This brings the power of Orchestrations, including process automation and integration with third-party applications, into the context of EnterpriseOne applications. As part of its continued endeavor to empower citizen developers, JD Edwards has gone a step further to make the powerful capabilities of the JDE Orchestrator available from interactive applications.

Oracle has provided best practices for managing User Defined Objects (UDOs) in a way that allows users to get optimal use out of them. The video was intended for users who administer and maintain UDOs, and it covered information on UDO security, UDO administration, and UDO lifecycle management.