Tag: JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 100850

A significant amount of time in user access management is spent on ensuring the right access is available to users.  Spend a few minutes with us to see how to simplify the administration of >10k users and >5k roles in such a way that it can be achieved by just one person.

While this endeavor can involve several steps, we will walk through those that can be taken to make sure you give a quick and effective response to users, at the lowest possible operating cost by using standard JD Edwards roles in a new way.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102260

In order to enhance the user experience, orchestrations and REST calls are built to integrate E1 with a custom-developed mobile applications. This session explains the part following an orchestration where you need to test your orchestration's ability to be used outside of E1.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 104500

Learn about the best practices and considerations for implementing Oracle Autonomous Database with your JD Edwards and embark your journey for IT transformation.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102430

In today’s digital business environment, success depends on people that can support rapidly changing markets and regulations.  Looking for new JDE talent to build your team? Come discover how college students can now be better prepared to add value as new hires.  "J.D. Edwards Day One" was developed together with the CFO of a "JDE" customer, and a professor at the Graduate School of Management of Kansas State University to provide students with a hands-on introduction to ERP using Oracle's EnterpriseOne as the example software.  We will be the panel, perhaps with some additional guests.

This talk will show you the type of pre-recorded, on-line course materials and approach for this 15 lesson class that covers an intro to ERP, UX-One, and follows a sample company through GL/JC, Procurement/AP, Inventory, Sales/AR, and back to reporting and an intro to Digital Transformation.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 103910

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Container Engine for Kubernetes (OKE) is a fully-managed, scalable, and highly available service that you can use to deploy your containerized applications to the cloud. This demo will show you how you can deploy JD Edwards on OKE, and easily scale and monitor your cluster.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 104380

How do you enable continuous innovation in your organization while you still have customizations? The JD Edwards product team realizes customers will continue to have some customizations and we have delivered new compare and merge tools for reports, business views, and table indexes, to reduce the time and cost to do the required retrofitting.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 101080

Real-world examples of how Dutch Valley Foods used these features to reduce customization in 9.2. Being able to add new fields or only show fields our users need available.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 104680

Maintaining internal controls & processes to meet SOX compliance requirements is a must for any publicly-traded company.

In this session, learn how Phibro Animal Health automated and digitized these processes to minimize SOD conflicts while providing greater visibility and approvals in one place, to better track quarterly recertifications, and to meet SOX compliance requirements using AtomIQ and ALLOut Security. We’ll also demonstrate how Phibro leverages RPA and JDE to improve collaboration, simplify workflows between internal/external audit, managers, security, and IT - and ultimately save time and effort on SOX compliance.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 104390

Automated DevOps is the wave of the future and JD Edwards is no exception. With Orchestrator and Server Manager APIs, you can automate most Server Manager activities. Come to this session to see how easy it is to have automated DevOps for JD Edwards.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102130

In this session, we will give an overview of the features and functionality available within E1  9.2 tools for UX One and Orchestrator. We will focus on improving efficiency and working smarter to optimize repetitive processes and how to work smarter when working remotely or from home.