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During Quest Forum Digital Event: JD Edwards Week, Jeff Erickson, Senior Director of Product Management, presented on how you can reimagine software updates with Continuous Adoption.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 103100

Is your EnterpriseOne system not as fast as it used to be?  Are users complaining about application response times?  Are batch jobs running long or intermittently failing?  Then this course is for you.  We’ll get under the hood of a Windows and SQL Server based EnterpriseOne system to show you all of the common things that cause your system to perform poorly, or even fail.  Even better, we’ll provide you with tools and periodic maintenance procedures to keep your system in peak condition.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 104250

JD Edward has transformed the traditional user experience to increase productivity. But when you have non-traditional or external users what is the best interface for these users? This roundtable will provide collaboration on how customers solve this challenge and driver requirements for future product improvements.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 103620

After upgrading their JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment from 9.1 to 9.2 and migrating to OCI, Clearwater Paper gained more efficiency and enhanced performance. Both of these things and more helped them save money and improve service levels to internal users. In this session, learn how Clearwater Paper and Velocity collaborated to make this modernization and cloud journey an ongoing success.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102820

Harness the enormous flexibility of the E1 architecture in your enterprise to power creative solutions. CNC tools enable advanced lifecycle management configurations and multiple scaling models. Learn strategies to ensure testing is representative of your live environment while further insulating your production users. Review architecture designs to prepare for growth and the increasing use of UXOne resources.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 103600

Learn how Interface remains code current with its JDE application for the continuous adoption of new features and functionality. In this session, we’ll show you how Interface delivers new innovative solutions, such as process automation, to your business, fast.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 103260

EnterpriseOne has grown in features, functionality, and technology. Along with this growth, JD Edwards has released and updated many tools that improve troubleshooting and support.

Come learn the hidden gems in Server Manager, the Cross Reference Facility, Business Function Search, Performance Workbench, Change Assistant. Learn also about the customization object analyzer, the application configuration analyzer. And finally, learn how to properly navigate the multiple Oracle websites to best obtain the information you need.

This session is essential for those looking to advance their professional development and those that want to remain ahead of the curve.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102350

Learn how to use Orchestration Studio to integrate easily into your JDE environment and connect to external systems using REST APIs.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 100850

A significant amount of time in user access management is spent on ensuring the right access is available to users.  Spend a few minutes with us to see how to simplify the administration of >10k users and >5k roles in such a way that it can be achieved by just one person.

While this endeavor can involve several steps, we will walk through those that can be taken to make sure you give a quick and effective response to users, at the lowest possible operating cost by using standard JD Edwards roles in a new way.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102260

In order to enhance the user experience, orchestrations and REST calls are built to integrate E1 with a custom-developed mobile applications. This session explains the part following an orchestration where you need to test your orchestration's ability to be used outside of E1.