Tag: Emerging Technology

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100560

The world is moving faster and faster driving manufacturers to be more responsive; plan smarter; and execute better than before. This session will highlight how a digital supply chain along with Blockchain, Integrated Business Planning, and IoT can enable a more responsive fully integrated end to end business planning process. This session explores ways to better align your supply chain operations to your business strategy via the digital connected enterprise.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100340

Learn more about how Oracle Digital Assistant can help your employees to engage more, and how to replace manual processes with a chatbot conversational experience.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100750

Join Mike Spalding from Yum! Brands and Keegan Olson from Apex IT in an interactive session describing how Yum! now leverages Oracle Digital Assistant and HCM Cloud Help Desk to deflect and efficiently manage inquiries coming into their HR organization. Digital Assistant allows employees to get answers and perform several HR transactions in an easy-to-use and conversational experience.  Help Desk enables the HR team to efficiently manage, work and resolve employee inquires coming from digital assistant, inbound calls and emails in a centralized and reportable application within HCM Cloud.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100180

This session will analyze the impact of the advance towards Artificial Intelligence in Digital Assistants transforming the user interfaces as we knew to a new form of interacting with corporate applications such as E-Business Suite or Cloud SaaS.

If you have invested in Oracle Cloud SaaS, let’s see how you can add new sources and make a smooth implementation of the “Digital Assistants” for areas such as Payables, Receivables, or Projects gaining operational efficiencies.

Don’t like what it comes out of the box for Oracle SaaS, don’t worry, we will demonstrate how you can agilely build a Digital Assistant for your existing or new applications almost without limits utilizing Oracle Autonomous Mobile Cloud Service.

We will go over the latest news and samples of how to get to work (or customize) components in the Oracle Digital Assistant Platform: Skills, Channels, Analytics, Integrations, and Data Management.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100700

Are you deploying or have you deployed Digital Assistant (ChatBots) for your Oracle Applications deployment?  Or considering deploying and wondering what the effort might be?  Oracle Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications, such as the HCM ChatBots/Skills, hold the promises to make your users much more productive - promises that do require “care-and-feeding” like any AI technology.  In this session, we will discuss best practices in deploying and maintaining your Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications, so iteratively it can become smarter over time and become more accurate in understanding end user utterances.  We will go through the common “Care-and-Feeding” cycles, as well as case studies of live customers.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100290

Understanding the new Oracle Cloud User Interface can be challenging, particularly in variances across modules and utilization by employee type. This session will explore the changes to the Cloud UI, and tips for utilizing responsive pages as they become more prevalent across the user experience.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100690

Have you ever want to simply ask your Oracle Application to complete your task or get information through a conversational user interface?  You can now simply Ask Oracle Applications to complete your ask across ERP, HCM, and CX.  In this session, we will explore the Digital Assistants and Skills (ChatBots) that have been embedded and delivered with Oracle Applications - HCM Cloud, ERP Cloud, CX Sales and Service, EPM Cloud, and many more.  We will discuss how these pre-build ChatBots can greatly accelerate user adoption of your Oracle Application implementations, and help your users to become even more productive.  We will also discuss how you can easily customize and extend these pre-build skills to suit your particular requirements.  Lastly, we will discuss roadmaps and upcoming innovations for Oracle Digital Assistant for Oracle Applications.

Presented at INNOVATE 2021

Session ID: 100570

Over the past 18 months, HR leaders have had to repeatedly shift organizational priorities in response to the pandemic, social issues, and workforce challenges. At any given point, organizations have had to focus on safety and return to work, redeploying and reskilling talent, DE&I, employee experiences, and the future of work. In this session, we’ll discuss these imperatives for HR and share how Oracle's technology can bring these priorities to life in new and innovative ways to create a better employee experience and fuel your leaders with better insights about their workforce.

Presented at RECONNECT Envision 2021

Session ID: 101760

Do you have more questions about PeopleTools and the use of Emerging technologies but weren’t able to ask? We’re hosting a general discussion on all things PeopleTools and the use of Emerging Technologies. We may not know the answer as a group, but we promise to deliver unanswered questions to the Oracle PeopleSoft team for follow up.

Presented at INSYNC 21

Session ID: 101010

Infrastructure as code is the process of managing and provisioning computer data centers through machine-readable definition files, rather than physical hardware configuration or interactive configuration tools (by Wikipedia). On this vibrant session you would learn the differences between “configuration orchestration” and “configuration management” tools, and how emergent technologies such as Vagrant, Terraform, and Ansible fit and can be used to define, manage and provision a datacentre infrastructure or even build and maintain portable virtual environments.

The future is here, let's take advantage of it today!