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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Orchestrator, IoT, UX, CafeOne, Notifications are JD Edwards features who open the path to the Digital Transformation, growing up the possibilities to change the business processes and update the user´s knowledge about technology. In a commodity producer, many are the challenges to produce more with fewer resources, looking for a balance between revenue and cost every day. JD Edwards ERP and his resources are important and powerful tools to help us to attend these challenges. In this article, we share with the audience how we use these features to manage and control the brine production, the most important raw material to produce salt in Brazil. A mix of technological solutions where the goal is to produce more spending less Money and resources, independent of these resources are human or not.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Live agent chat has become the norm in customer support and contact centers. However, JDE customer constantly struggling with balancing cost with service agent availability and knowledge. Digital assistants or chatbots can not only offload live agent workload but improve chat services availability, JDE end users and quality. In this theater session see how Oracle Digital Assistant can tightly integrate with live agent systems, hand off conversations seamlessly between systems, and divert significant workloads

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Ready to embark on a digital business transformation via cloud but don’t know where or how to start? Oracle offers a complete integrated cloud platform that empowers customers to achieve their target business outcomes through choice and control across on-premises, hybrid and cloud migration strategies. Journey at your own pace. Leverage your existing E-Business Suite, JD Edwards or PeopleSoft investment for as long as it meets your business requirements while selecting cloud solutions that complement and extend your existing systems. Hybrid solution is a practical first step deployment that allows you to benefit from SaaS applications with best-in-class functional capabilities and the underlying modernization technologies from Oracle’s integrated cloud platform services, all running alongside your on-premises investment. Join this session to learn how a hybrid cloud solution and emerging technologies can be tailored to your business needs and smooth your path to the cloud.

To keep up with the latest technology, you will need to focus on three main categories of advancement – the Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain, and digital assistants. According to Gartner, there will be 25 billion connected things by the year 2021. By 2030, blockchain will generate $3.1 trillion in new business value, and in the next two years, 70 percent of white-collar workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis. If Gartner is right, it’s imperative to start learning about these areas today. As part of Quest’s 2019 Cloud Webinar series, Carlos Chang from Oracle, presented on what’s next in the role of emerging technology in the enterprise.

Kick off PeopleSoft Industry Day with an Oracle’s PeopleSoft update. In this session see key capabilities recently delivered and planned for PeopleSoft, including the use of emerging technologies.

Driving digital business transformation is an important part of a company’s strategic business plan. Even if you are not ready to be all-in cloud, do you know you can easily embrace cloud technologies while maximizing your on-premises JDE/PSFT investment? The same Oracle Cloud Platform services that deliver new technology features in the latest on-premises upgrades…

In this session see key capabilities recently delivered and planned for PeopleSoft, including the use of emerging technologies. Learn about the expansion of PeopleSoft analytics into data visualization using Kibana, and about ongoing investment in the PeopleSoft user experience. Get an update on deploying PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, addressing customizations through configuration frameworks, and…

Apr 23 @  12:30pm

Intelligent automation in accounts payable, travel expense, and project-based expense management can remove friction across the process lifecycle and expedite the delivery of critical information to downstream systems and decision-makers. It can eliminate errors that increase costs and impact vendor relations. It can control task execution in a configurable and efficient manner. It can make…

Apr 22 @  12:30pm

Some have said that there are no secrets to success. So why do some AP organizations excel within JD Edwards while others struggle to keep up or maintain the status quo? Regardless of where you stand, there are certain habits, ideas, and processes concerning AP automation that the vast majority of best-in-class AP organizations utilizing…

Apr 2 @  2:00pm

Our "How To Make Your JDE Applications Work Smarter" webinar will walk you through Phibro's decision and strategy to upgrade to JDE 9.2; the tangible benefits of Oracle's Continuous Innovation release; and what it takes to execute this kind of upgrade and cloud migration. You should attend if; You're considering a JD Edwards upgrade. You're…