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May 17 @  11:00am

The session will provide information about JDE and ERP Cloud localizations for Latin America, and the main challenges of an implementation in this region. We will explain the alternatives for solving localization gaps in both ERPs, and the solutions ITCROSS has developed for JDE in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and others. Presented by Cecilia Suarez &…

Sara Lipowsky, Solution Engineer at Oracle, gave a demonstration of a digital assistant that pulls live data from several sources. The chatbot in this example was built for the internal finance team at an insurance company, so put yourself in the shoes of a busy finance director. You’re in and out of meetings all day and making influential decisions. Luckily, those decisions are based mostly on data. However, when your data is located on multiple dashboards on dispersed systems, accessing the numbers you need can be tedious. You could have all of these dashboards open on multiple windows and tabs, but that can often be overwhelming. What if you’re on the go or in a meeting and need access to your data right then and there? These are some of the pains that today’s finance directors face. The solution is Oracle’s digital assistant.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 108840 Using the Tax applications in Oracle ERP Cloud; we recently setup a complex Sales and Use tax structure for one of our Oracle ERP Cloud Customers.The customer is a lighting solutions provider that supplies and contracts out material and labor for projects in every state across the US. This…

During this session learn how a majestic 5-star luxury hotel chain has transformed its On-premise ERP into the Cloud. Their goal was to have a standardized source to settle functionality to ease user operations and improve purchasing visibility. Replacing PeopleSoft , VMS, eTiger and many other small ERPs that were working with silos with Cloud Procurement and JD Edwards. Hear how Oracle Procurement Cloud on top of JD Edwards helped them to reduce the operational complexity in terms of dependency for users and approvers on the number of applications for procurement processes. Also, understand how the seeded integration between Procurement Cloud and DocuSign added better collaboration and compliance with their suppliers.

Presented by Aswanth Vaidiswaran, Birlasoft

During this session learn how to transform your On-premise ERP into Cloud application. This Cloud SaaS journey evolved as a cost saving measure to run businesses with multiple on-premise CRM, ERP for manufacturing customers using EBS & JDE. The goal is to have a holistic application to ease user operations with low maintenance cost. Hear how various business parameters were evaluated to find the right balance for their complex implementation requirements. Come listen to the different deployment models followed to achieve this journey. Also get to know the right model fit for your enterprise using On-premise JDE. In addition, see the hassle free transformation with no hurdles to current business and quick user adoption.

Presented by Aswanth Vaidiswaran, SYSTIME COMPUTER CORP dba KPIT

Walk thru the various JDE hybrid Cloud Strategies including OCI talk of assessments of which would be a right fit with pros and cons showing architecture examples along with cost benefits and sharing previous experiences of lessons learnt.

Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Session ID: 105970 This session will present a case study of Stifel Financial Corp’s Implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP. Learn how this Project helped automate Stifel’s Cash Control, Funding Processes, Increase Cash Applicating/Visibility, and Reduce Manual Processing. Join Stifel along with consulting partner Elire, to hear the implementation success story from Assessment…

Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Session ID: 105440 This session will present a case study of one of Elire’s Financial Services Clients Implementation of Oracle Cloud ERP. Learn how this Project helped to reduce manual tasks, increase controls, reduce long audit cycles, and improve financial reporting. Join Elire to hear the implementation success story from start to…

Every attendee at InFocus is debating a move to the Cloud.  They are either considering moving JDE to Oracle Tech Infrastructure or some other service such as AWS.  Or they are looking at cloud-based edge solutions to integrate to JDE. This session will cover all scenarios, the pros and cons of the move, and how to manage application security regardless of what strategy is adopted.

100850 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 If only a simple flowchart could give you the answer. It will always ‘depend’ on lots of specific to you factors but lets look at some of the more generic and understand the logic. Session to be very interactive Debra Lilley, Certus Solutions