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You can’t manage it if you don’t measure it. There are a lot of opportunities for improving and optimizing your recruiting and onboarding efforts but how do you know where to start? There are key metrics that you should be measuring in order to determine where you can achieve the biggest improvement and ROI. This presentation looks at the key recruiting and onboarding metrics your organization should be measuring and how you should use this information to focus your improvement efforts and to build business cases. The information presented is applicable to any recruiting/onboarding system.

Presented by Nikki Bruner, Ernst & Young, LLP

This presentation will look at the opportunities for commonly shared data between recruiting systems and core HR systems and how these integrations can improve organizational efficiency. Attendees will be educated on how to integrate silo-ed business processes within HCM so as to develop a more comprehensive and efficient overall HCM software solution.

Presented by Nikki Bruner, Ernst & Young LLP

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 103660

While many customers have “integrated” Taleo with Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) Cloud, the inherent challenges of an acquired product vs. the native application persist. Oracle Recruiting Cloud, housed within the HCM Cloud suite and architected in the same data model, has the same user-interface and leverages the full suite of cutting-edge capabilities. For Taleo customers looking to simplify their HCM landscape with Oracle Recruiting Cloud, this session will discuss conversion approaches, tools, best practices and methods of accelerating your transition.

Presented by Ken Fontenot, Grant Thornton LLP

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 109670

For more than 50 years, IMMI is an industry leader in the design, testing and manufacturing of advanced safety systems. IMMI operates in five countries around the globe and uses Oracle systems to support operations worldwide. This presentation will provide a glimpse into how IMMI implemented HCM Cloud to support a corporate goal of bringing operational excellence to HR in a very dynamic and growing operation. This phase of HCM rollout included mobile and manager self-service and how HCM enabled policy driven best practices to replace legacy paper based processes.

Presented by Apparao Kandru, IMMI

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session ID: 100440

The European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which has dramatically improved the rights of individuals when it comes to protecting their personal data has been launched in May 2018 and has added a lot of compliance requirements especially when implementing HCM solutions. Failure to comply may result in heavy penalties. But what exactly needs to be considered with respect to storing personal information; maintaining it and finally deleting it on time when there is no more requirement to keep the data? What procedural aspects need to be considered in order to setup an HCM solution that fully complies with GDPR? The presentation will give insights into a recently completed HCM project for recruiting purposes where Oracle Taleo was implemented over the course of 4 months and will highlight the various GDPR compliance requirements (technical as well as organizational) towards the implementation and how these were successfully fulfilled.

Objective 1: Learn why it is important in times of GDPR to have a compliant HCM solution in place

Objective 2: Learn how such a solution can be implemented in less than 6 months with Oracle Cloud

Objective 3: Learn about the special requirements driven by GDPR

Presented by Johannes Michler, PROMATIS software GmbH

Oracle HCM Cloud Training & Resources The Quest Oracle Community is here to help you fully leverage the power of Oracle HCM Cloud. Whether it’s a new cloud deployment, a migration of legacy systems, adoption of new technology, Oracle HCM Cloud optimization, connecting with other Oracle HCM Cloud users, or keeping abreast of new features…

In this session we will discuss with live case study how different products of Oracle complement each other and if a feature/functionality is missing, how other Oracle product can fill that gap.

Integrate Taleo Seamlessly With Your Existing Applications Presented by Drivestream, Inc. Session 102620, given at COLLABORATE 13   This session is available to CUSTOMER MEMBERS ONLY. Vendor memb

Connect and collaborate smarter with Taleo Connect Client SaaS adoption is becoming denser in the HR world. It has brought new realities to life which emphasizes on flawless synergies across the board