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From 8.9 to 9.2 - A Story of an Unsupported Upgrade Path At Wells FargoThis is an overview of the steps we took to jump to HRMS 9.2, decisions why, some of how, and some of the issues we came across S

Power to the People: Understanding PeopleSoft Update Manager and the New Lifecycle Management Process Presented by Kerry Quast, Westfield Group, Inc. Kelly Korb, Westfield Group, Inc. Duration: abou

PeopleSoft Customers: Prepare yourselves for the new IFRS/GAAP Revenue Recognition Standards Presented by Chad Tovar, Cardinal Point Solutions Donald Woodford, Cardinal Point Solutions Duration: abo

Innovation Examination - PeopleSoft v9.2 WorkCenters Presented by Bill Gibbard, Managing Director, Cardinal Point Solutions Duration: about 60 minutes Intended for PeopleSoft Users This session will

From Paper to 9.2: Lessons learned by State of ND as we implemented Recruiting Solutions Presented on Wed, Jan 21 by Recruiting SIGIn this hour long session, the State of ND will review how they imple

Revolutionize your work! PeopleSoft WorkCenter in 9.2 , Alerts, Related Content Presented by Frederic Portal, Senior Alliance and Strategy Director, Ataway Varsha Das, University of Central Florida Du

Validate & Answer Allocation Questions Quickly & Easily Presented by Roger Hiebert, Accounting Systems Analyst - Lead, KCP&L Duration: about 40 minutes Intended for PeopleSoft Users In

Abstract: David Lamontagne will present how functional and technical worked together to create workcenters that help expedite the time it takes for requesters and purchasing agents to do their jobs. D

Performance Tuning Strategies for PeopleSoft Batch Processing Presented by James Bryant, Sr. Application Developer, Duke Energy Duration: about 30 mintues Intended for PeopleSoft Users When you hear