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Presented at Quest Experience week (QXW) - JD Edwards Day

This session is presented by the Small Business SIG. Tired of clicking on a paperclip to view media objects? Come see how to give users an easy way to view media objects – both text and PDFs. By creating a simple application and data structure to incorporate within a JDE personalization framework (UDO), you can provide your users with a facility to see media object attachments displayed on the glass within the same inquiry applications they use to review transactions. See how this can be applied to common JDE information such as Purchase Orders, AP Vouchers, General Ledger transactions, and even custom applications. There are some “gotchas” with displaying PDFs in 9.2, and a solution path for that will be covered as well, so please join us for this awesome solution for your users!

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) - JD Edwards Day

This session will debunk the myths and clarify the strategies around Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Business Process Automation (BPA), detailing how they fit into your truly integrated solution. We will explore the differences, similarities, and where the two technologies work best together. End the confusion around RPA and BPA and become an expert today!

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) - JD Edwards Day

Item Maintenance Verification: Do you wish you had a better way to ensure accurate data? Now you do with default values using Orchestrator! Discover how you can default values based on another fields value. We walk you through an Orchestration that defaults fields within the Item Master to ensure that Item Maintenance is done correctly! Endless scenarios and possibilities!

Accurate Accounting Reporting on Sales: Discover how you can override processing options and submit jobs using Orchestrator. In this use case, we walk you through how Sales Order Update is submitted using yesterday’s date to ensure that all shipped orders are captured for accounting purposes even when shipping doesn’t end until the early hours of the next day.

Accurate and Up-to-date Inventory: Who doesn’t want inventory updates in a timely manner? Updating safety stock each month can be time-consuming and prone to manual data entry errors. It becomes even more of an issue when the first day of the month falls on a weekend. Eliminate weekend overtime and manual updates by letting Orchestrator update values based on effective dates.

Address Book Integrity: This Notification through Orchestrator can be applied to unlimited scenarios. In this use case, we share with you how invalid address book setup is identified and notified back to the user; which ultimately, increases reporting accuracy and overall system processing!

Increase Revenue by Enabling Your Sales Team: Enabling your Sales team with more information to quickly answer customer questions and react to changing market conditions increases revenue. Remember the introduction of mobile devices with email? It was a game-changer for Salespeople to jump on opportunities, solve problems, and win deals faster. In this session, you will see how you can further enable your Sales team with more information by sending data from JD Edwards to Salesforce and have that data available on mobile devices.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 100320

You have probably heard about some amazing use cases for JD Edwards Orchestrator, but how easy are they to achieve in your organization? In this session, we will focus on the key steps for building orchestrations, starting with the key fundamentals of Orchestrator service requests, and demonstrate the steps to add them to an Orchestration. We will also discuss a number of use cases your organization can achieve with Orchestrator, including data validation, API integrations, process workflow and notifications.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 103340

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne (JDE) has strong capabilities with businesses due to its ability to allow flexible financial reporting and workflows using User Defined Objects (UDO). Options for flexible setups for Capital Asset Equipment can be achieved using REST APIs to call latitude and longitude.

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102560

For the last 6 months, we have transitioned our JDE IT team of analysts and developers from a purely ticket support model to an Agile model, with daily standups, a backlog, User Stories, and capacity planning. We are by no means perfect, but this new way of working together and with the business has helped us to better collaborate with our team and with our business partners to prioritize work and focus on what the organization needs most. We’d like to share some lessons learned in hopes that others can benefit from our experience in supporting their JDE Users.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: JD Edwards Week, Jeff Erickson, Senior Director of Product Management, presented on how you can reimagine software updates with Continuous Adoption.

EAM SIG Meeting

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 102280

Join us for our annual EAM SIG meeting!

Presented at INFOCUS 20

Session ID: 103100

Is your EnterpriseOne system not as fast as it used to be?  Are users complaining about application response times?  Are batch jobs running long or intermittently failing?  Then this course is for you.  We’ll get under the hood of a Windows and SQL Server based EnterpriseOne system to show you all of the common things that cause your system to perform poorly, or even fail.  Even better, we’ll provide you with tools and periodic maintenance procedures to keep your system in peak condition.