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Jun 24 @  11:00am

LTI, through their in depth understanding of ‘domain’ and long and acclaimed experience in Oracle ERP has devised an approach and execution strategy to realize the vision of a ‘Touchless ERP’ [TERP]. The framework, covering the ‘where’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ of TERP will be discussed in this session. The concept of TERP is realized through…

Jun 23


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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

In this session you will learn from our vast experience seamless migration of EBS,PeopleSoft,JDE,Siebel and Non Oracle workloads to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. We will demonstrate different migration approaches for App and Database migration.

Discuss Project Plan, RACI Matrix for migration of Work Load to OCI. Deep dive into AS-IS and TO-BE Architecture on OCI.

Understand Performance Improvements with Apps moving to IaaS and ExaCS. Understand Monitoring, Automation, Tools & Utilities on OCI

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020  The core of Emser Tile’s business is their commitment to unparalleled service and delivering exceptional customer experiences – which is why it was all the more important to leverage a modern CRM that would help Emser realize this mission. Join this session to learn why Emser chose Oracle Engagement Cloud…

Jun 17

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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Yes, the cloud actually is here to stay. It is no longer a hypothetical 'thing' and is now mainstream and being adopted rapid rates. It is well proven and for a majority of companies, it is no longer ‘if’, it is ‘when’ they will move to a Cloud strategy. Cloud invaded IT, in virtually every industry around the world! It all starts with the benefits, have you dug in to what it can do for your organization? It is bold and is a strategic move for traditionally on-premise organizations. How can you gain leverage? The differentiators of automating the launch of an environment, incredible scalability and flexibility, resource utilization to higher priority business needs, the integration into one holistic cloud platform for all your databases, networks, mobility, other clouds, ERPs, 3rd party applications, and so much more. What about those cost savings, what could they be, lowering capital costs may be one of them. Don’t work in single functions, push your environment to it’s potential.

Learning Objective 1: Capture the benefits your Cloud Infrastructure can give your business.
Learning Objective 2: How will your team report on the advantages of your cloud infrastructure benefits

Presented by John Cecil, Denovo

May 27

Quest Forum Digital Event

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May 20

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One of the more precious resources anyone has is his or her time. In order to be effective in business you need to be efficient with your time and priorities. Effective time management skills are the key to getting the most out of each day and surviving the increasing business pressures of “doing more with…

Do you think that fixing your JDE security is too complex and too expensive? There are two elements to this problem, firstly understanding the risks on your system, who can access sensitive data, who can commit potential frauds. And secondly fully itemizing the rewards of integrating good controls around the system. Sustainable solutions that satisfy…