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Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21

Session ID: 10060

Provide a feedback on our public cloud rehosting (from Oracle DC to AWS) including a feedback on 9.2 upgrade using last release as 64 bits. We will conclude on continuous adoption strategy.
explain public cloud benefit and how we did it
explain why we did the upgrade in same time
explain our continous adoption strategy

Presented by Pierre Kerrinckx, Veolia Water Solutions and Technologies Support

Presented at INFOCUS Envision 21 

Session ID: 102000

Learn how you can accelerate the implementation of your Oracle Commerce Cloud, a comprehensive B2B Commerce Solution, with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne by leveraging pre-built adapter which integrates Oracle Commerce cloud(OCC) with JDE to support business flows like

* Create sales order in JDE based on OCC sales order details. * Order inquiry in OCC fetching order details from JDE. * Update of OCC order on changes in corresponding JDE orders. * Sharing of JDE item price to OCC on demand. The pre-built integration adapter will shorten the overall project timeline for JDE customers who implement Oracle Commerce Cloud for the e-Commerce needs.

Presented by Viral Doshi, Birlasoft Solutions Inc.

We have all heard the reasoning to move your on premise JDE environment to the cloud (greater efficiency, improved security, save money, etc.). What you really want to know is IF you move to the cloud, what are the things to prepare for and most importantly, what things should you avoid at all costs?

Join Denovo and Oracle as we walk-through real-world examples of how your move to the cloud can be smooth flying or full of turbulence.

Presented by Paul Cioni, CTO, Denovo & Jeffrey Kalowes, Principal Cloud Architect, Oracle

Feb 16 @  1:00pm

Abstract Learn how this coexistence model enabled Oracle IT to establish a solid foundation in the cloud and made subsequent migrations easier. Description Oracle internal IT is moving all internal systems and business applications to Oracle Cloud. Join this session to hear how Oracle combined on-premises systems with Oracle Cloud as an interim step towards…

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) – Cloud Day

Join me in this starter guide to setting up and maintaining your Absence Module. In this session, we will focus on gathering your information and setting up your plans. We will include troubleshooting, validating, and watching for “gotchas.” We’ll also touch base on payroll and OTBI Reporting as it relates to Absence.

Fenner Precision Polymers needed to upgrade their tools release for JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. The organization recognized the opportunity to upgrade and migrate to the public cloud simultaneously. After successfully making the migration from private cloud to Amazon Web Services, Fenner was able to achieve reduced costs, increased scalability, and improved support. This session will provide a case study on the business drivers, considerations, planning, and risk mitigation steps that must be considered when making a move to the public cloud.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Cloud Week, Crystal Starr, SPHR SHRM-SCP Principal Solution Consultant at Oracle, and Lynda Heusbech, Senior Solution Consultant at Oracle, shared how to start your journey to the cloud in today’s disruptive, digital age. The pace of acceleration is faster than ever before – are you ready?

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

The Digital Age is here and it is disruptive - the pace of acceleration is faster than ever before – Are you ready? With 420k customers in 145 countries – Oracle’s strategy is to enable your organizations journey to the cloud. To date we have moved 25,000 clients to the cloud. Customers embrace our Cloud because it's the most complete offering in the industry including data, software, platform, and infrastructure services. Oracle offers the most integrated, complete Cloud suite of SaaS applications, enabling customers to modernize their business using the latest technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning. Are you ready to move to the Cloud?

This session is designed for anyone thinking of making the move to the Cloud and any new clients who are interested in best practice advice for success in the Cloud.

Attend this practical session to learn how a cloud migration journey could unfold for you, an existing PeopleSoft customer. We will walk through common concerns, typical paths, and lots of frequently asked questions. We will catch you up on everything you need to know, and help put you on a path to gather the information you need to properly evaluate your continued success with Oracle.

In this session you’ll hear why Oracle customers are choosing to move from PeopleSoft to Oracle ERP Cloud and learn from customers who have made the move successfully. You’ll learn about the cloud options available to PeopleSoft customers, the ERP Cloud solution and the entire Oracle Cloud Applications suite. You’ll also hear directly from Oracle customers about their experience moving from PeopleSoft to ERP Cloud as they provide tips and answer questions. This session should provide a clear understanding of the Oracle ERP Cloud solution, tips for moving from PeopleSoft, and insight into the real-world benefits Oracle customers are experiencing with ERP Cloud.

In today’s competitive environment, a key advantage is the ability to innovate, to react nimbly to changing conditions, and to outmaneuver their competition. More choice means more agility and better ability to innovate. The prospect of leveraging your existing Oracle’s JD Edwards investment in hybrid models with Oracle Cloud Applications brings even more choice, agility, and control to both IT and line of business. Attend this session to learn how other customers are leveraging Oracle Cloud Applications with JD Edwards.