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Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

It is almost given that we dont use paper or spreadsheets these days. And then we know we love to change and adopt something new all the time. (PUN INTENDED). Learn from us on how we did most things right in transforming a company that used spreadsheets and paper to a cloud-hosted ERP platform.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Data is abundant throughout the course of supply chain vehicle movements. Yet it is still challenging to centralize the data into one functional interface. Supply chain transparency is crucial to navigating logistical adversity during the shipment process to provide insights to all levels of a business. From inception to final delivery, visibility into your supply chain can be accomplished by forming access to multiple data sources throughout a vehicle’s journey.

ReportsNow’s data scientists created a sophisticated yet elegant way of helping companies go beyond typical, manually intensive supply chain tracking to state-of-the-art visualizations. Learn interactive maps, unit of measure conversions, predictive on-time delivery using longitude and latitude tracking, and real-time informative dashboards. Ensure that your logistical data is being fully utilized for more streamlined operations.

Quest Forum Digital Event 2020

Every attendee at Collaborate is debating a move to the Cloud. They are either considering moving JDE to Oracle Tech Infrastructure or some other service such as AWS. Or they are looking at cloud-based edge solutions to integrate to JDE. And finally, some are considering the cost vs benefit of moving from JDE to Oracle ERP Cloud in some form or fashion. This session will cover all three (3) of those scenarios, the pros and cons of the move, and how to manage application security regardless of what strategy is adopted.

106160 Presented at INFOCUS 19 In the world of B2B digital commerce, leading industry research shows that 93% of B2B buyers prefer to buy online after making their product decision and over 30% of B2B buyers will favor a supplier that provides accurate information online and digital commerce autonomy. To meet these business buyer preferences,…

105450 t Presented at INFOCUS 19 Health and Safety regulations are world-wide. Many organizations today realize that putting safety first can result in organizations that workers want to be part of and reduces costs and risks.  Learn how the latest innovations in JD Edwards Health & Safety Incident Management can be leveraged to meet the…