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Learn in this session that want your users want, you already have. All you need is JDEdwards 9.2 tools! When you bring your AIS URL, we will make you leave with an abundance of mobile applications: Bar code scanning, CRM, Issue material, and many more.

COLLABORATE 19 Session: 100270 Stoner is a small business with big business needs.  We wanted to change the way we do processing and improve our performance with mobile data collection but had trouble justifying the big expensive systems.  We evaluated a system by WCBC that was affordable, flexible and used standard JDE business functions.  Learn…

COLLABORATE 19 Session: 100260 When manufacturing and selling products, keeping track of and accounting for all of your costs is extremely important. Lisa Tran is a JDE specialist that has been working for chemical manufacturer Stoner, Inc. for almost twenty years and has a strong working knowledge of JD Edwards. In this session, you will…

COLLABORATE 19 Session: 110140 Please visit the JD Edwards for Small Businesses SIG to learn more about our group. We are about making it easier to do your job better. We may all be from different industries but we all share similar problems as small businesses. All of us have tools and tricks we have…

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 107370 Learn why Michelman, experts in the development of water-based coatings, surface modifiers, additives and polymers for numerous industries, chose to use the JD Edwards Orchestrator and an integration platform to automate their business processes and see how they achieved: a 50% increase in data accuracy, over 60 hours/week savings…

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 107300 Gain a competitive advantage with IoT!  Integrating asset data with JD Edwards has traditionally relied on manual, error-prone and time-consuming processes.  With the EnterpriseOne Orchestrator (formerly IoT Orchestrator) customers are now able to seamlessly integrate real time data such as inventory levels, PLC information, meter readings, condition based alerts,…

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 104950

Agnico Eagle has remote mining operations around the globe. They needed to extend their custom JDE inventory applications to provide mobile solutions to use both online at their sites, as well as for offline use deep under ground within a mine. Join Agnico and ERP-One Consulting as they discuss how you can successfully extend E1 with mobile capabilities.

Presented by Martin Bilodeau, Agnico Eagle Mines

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 101920

This session will demonstrate why customers should consider switching out their old integrations with orchestrations. We will draw attention to the value of leveraging a no code tool that can add value in the areas of notifications, performance monitoring, and accessing system logic to replace aging integrations and their many fail points.

Presented by Bryan Surface, Terillium, Inc.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19

Session: 101620

Industry 4.0 has been revolutionizing the manufacturing and warehousing processes. We are now able to combine technology and operations to bring together an interconnected web of automated processing power. We no longer worry about manually updating. We have Bots and Orchestrations that effortlessly update and verify our ERP data in real time. There truly is no better time to be using JDE! But, how do we bring operations and technology together? How do we monitor these systems? How can we make this information available at a glance on manufacturing checkpoints? Join us as we demonstrate bringing Smart Factory and Smart Warehouses together with Café 1, Orchestrations, and Composed Pages.

Presented by Riesa Case, Stanley Engineered Fastening

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