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Presented by Amrita Mehrok, Vice President, NAA ERP Strategy and Business Development, Oracle

As technology-powered innovations including AI, machine learning, and IoT transform organizational processes and disrupt business models, leaders in every domain—finance, technology, and operations—must grasp the implications of a data-driven future in an increasingly customer-experience-centric economy. This session explores the change-agent role that finance and operations play in enabling business model change and all that it entails, and showcases customers blazing the trail toward the intelligent enterprise.

Cloud training platforms provide an accessible way to start your journey, or advance your digital transformation. The latest options in cloud based training and adoption not only make the transition easy, but cost-effective and long-term. In this session we will share the essential reasons your organization should consider when moving training and performance support to the cloud. We will explore cloud learning management systems that serve as a modern training and communication hub and provide for continuous adoption, web-based delivery mediums that offer unmatched scalability and authoring tools that aid the creation of engaging, multi-modal content.

Presented by Elizabeth Schriefer & April Favara, iLearnERP

*This session is part of Quest Experience Week-Cloud Day*

Hilton recently identified the need to move to a digital workplace. After investigating the perks of a digital strategy, they sought out Oracle and began building a system to meet key business goals.
The Hilton team knew the solution to executing their “anywhere, anytime” mobile strategy wouldn’t be as simple as purchasing a product. It required a strategy of people, process, and technology.

It is well known that effective onboarding has the potential for significant business impact. Yet, when onboarding processes involve the management of multiple systems, particularly those that are manually-managed, the prospective yield of the onboarding process is limited. Learn more from Oracle’s Neeraj Narang about the potential reach a structured and unified onboarding process can have before, on, and after a new hire’s Day 1 through this demonstration of Oracle’s all-in-one Cloud Onboarding solution. 

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager | Current recruiting applications have the potential to convert a fragmented ecosystem of different products and technologies into a unified approach with technology that is Candidate Centric, Data Driven and Talent Aware.  In this video, Brett Tearney, Senior Director of Product Management for Oracle Recruiting Cloud offers the principles that…

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator | Ipsos is a global company that focuses on people, markets, brands and society. They deliver information and analysis that helps people work easier and faster while making smarter decisions. They guide clients in 89 countries through the key pillars of security, simplicity, speed and substance in order to better their…

Presented by George Danner, Business-Laboratory

We are at a unique period in the history of human technological progress, marked by our use of machines to do almost every task around us. To some, this is a frightening prospect, with machines threatening jobs and putting us at risk. To others, it is a thrilling opportunity to advance business and science and many other fields by leveraging the power of machine intelligence. In the end it does not matter if we love this future or not—it is simply inevitable.

George Danner has spent the last 5 years researching every angle of the automation lexicon, from building automated systems to using automation wisely in business. His book, The Executive's How-To Guide to Automation summarizes his findings from examining many different industries and their approaches to automation. Along the way George learned a few foundational principles of automation that he will share with the audience through the lens of actual case examples.

Learn how Pike Electric combined Oracle HCM, Oracle Time & Labor, and Oracle Payroll to make daily life easier for every Pike employee; from executives and accountants to crew leaders and crew members.

Christina Yue, Customer Learning Manager | For the past 15 years, Creighton University has been named the #1 regional university in the Midwest. Committed to more than excellence alone, The Princeton Review recognizes Creighton as a leader in service, sustainability and value. Knowing this, it’s no wonder the Creighton HR team is passionate about staying…

Shelby Klingerman, Content Curator | If your on-premises software upgrades are hindering innovation in your business, it’s time to start looking at making the move to the Cloud. Your business needs to keep up with the pace of change in this digital age, and a future-proof Cloud can help future-proof your business. No more timely,…