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Many Human Resource (HR) leaders experience a disconnect between their vision for their team’s roles and functions and the actual day-to-day HR activities being performed.  What gets in the way?  Dr. Wade Larson, CHRO for Wagstaff, Inc. identifies common barriers toward achieving this vision for HR as he discusses his company’s journey to automation – one that was process-centered and resulted in significant outcomes increasing HR time to devote to Wagstaff’s employees and contributing to overall business outcomes.

According to IDC technology purchases from line of business budgets are growing faster than purchases funded by the IT organization.

And the case for modernizing ERP applications in the Cloud is being made to your business leaders by Oracle and many other aggressive Cloud SaaS providers.

Attend this webinar to learn the business motivators behind this so that you can be ready to help your C-Suite and business leaders become your biggest JD Edwards upgrade advocates.

Objective #1
Data & Trends that are increasing (JDE) Digital Transformation Budgets

Objective #2
The C-Suite: Your biggest advocate for JDE Citizen Developer Tools, Continuous Innovation & More

Objective #3
Attendee Takeaways: 9.2 Capabilities Whitepaper & One Page 9.2 Upgrade Matrix Template

Andy Chase, Circular Edge

Duration: 47:59

Dec 6 @  12:30pm

Presented by Sai Valluri & Navita Sood, Oracle Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse is built around the market leading Oracle database and comes with fully automated data warehouse specific features that deliver outstanding query performance. This environment is delivered as a fully managed cloud service running on optimized high-end Oracle hardware systems. You don’t need to…

Venkatesh Gopalakrishnan, Senior Director of Product Management, and Nick Kelly, Senior Manager of Product Management, from Oracle presented how to migrate your Oracle Applications to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). They covered the different options for where to run your applications, common migration patterns and key takeaways from the presentation.

Curious where other companies are in their cloud journeys? Our annual Cloud Community Survey was sent to users in our community to gauge company interest and implementation status with Oracle Cloud products.

This report will help you learn more and compare your own organization’s cloud journey status with other community members.

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and robotic process automation are becoming increasingly popular in today’s workforce. It’s important to understand what they are, how they work and how they can influence the future of your organization. A recent presentation covered important topics within the world of Artificial Intelligence and worked to guide organizations toward the potential of implementing it in the future.

Dec 4 @  2:00pm

Presented by Vince Kelly, Phibro Animal Health, Clif Lee, TruGreen, Paul Shearer & Dan McIntyre, Velocity Technology Solutions With the new features and flexibility that continue to be delivered in EnterpriseOne 9.2 releases, the opportunity for Oracle JD Edwards customers to leverage the newest tools, functionality and technologies to modernize and digitize their business is unprecedented.…

When you are implementing your new Oracle Cloud application is the perfect time to increase employee engagement and reaffirm your organization’s culture. Transformation requires a focus on not only the technology but also the people and processes within your organization.

Check out how Kaiser Permanente laid the groundwork for their project to develop an employee experience that helped them attract and retain their talent.

Learn about Wagstaff, Inc.'s process-centered approach to their HCM Cloud implementation.