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May 22 @  2:00pm

  Learn how to improve academic outcomes through a more student-centric financial aid process. Rising tuition costs and rapid growth in student loan debt continue to be a worrisome trend in higher education. Complicated regulations and opaque processes have many students questioning whether college is financially out of reach. Join Vicki Tambellini of The Tambellini…

The session will provide information about JDE and ERP Cloud localizations for Latin America, and the main challenges of an implementation in this region. We will explain the alternatives for solving localization gaps in both ERPs, and the solutions ITCROSS has developed for JDE in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and others.

Presented by Cecilia Suarez & Rebeca Garduno Castor, ITCROSS

Rob Preston, editorial director in Oracle’s Content Central organization, wrote an article in Forbes about what speakers and attendees at Oracle’s Modern Business Experience conference had to say about the future of the workforce. The workforce of the future will be defined by more automation, a diverse mix of full-time and contract workers, and rapidly shifting demographics. The most successful employers in that future workforce will be the ones whose leadership teams get ahead of these trends.

More and more organizations are making the move to the Cloud each and every day. Once you’ve made the decision to go to Cloud, you have to ask yourself, “How am I going to get there?” There are several different approaches for installing Cloud-based applications, but many organizations debate between the “Big Bang” strategy of implementing Cloud application suites all at once or the “Go Slow” strategy of implementing in discrete, phased increments. The decision depends on your company, your culture, and your sense of urgency.

Ed Beauvais, Director of Product Management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, recently published "The Essential Guide to Cloud Terminology"—a breakdown of common terms you hear people using when they talk about Cloud. These terms covered Cloud basics, new technology, and other Cloud terminology that people should get familiar with.

Darshan Sapaliga and Ilya Osovets, two Solution Engineers at Oracle, walked through a blockchain solution that various organizations can use to check profiles of prospective employees with security and confidence.

For many students, financial aid is a key factor when deciding on a college or university. This high-stakes process can ultimately make the difference between whether a student goes to college or not. However, the complexity and time-sensitive nature of the financial aid process can make it almost impossible for students to successfully complete the process. Butler University is using Oracle Student Financial Planning Cloud to simplify the process and improve the experience for students.  

Sasha Banks-Louie, a brand journalist with Oracle, wrote an article in Forbes about four key components of the “experience economy,” a new era of deep understanding of how customers consume products—whether to grow their business or enrich their personal lives. It’s about more than just churning out new and innovative products to attract customers.

Recorded at COLLABORATE 19 Session: 108840 Using the Tax applications in Oracle ERP Cloud; we recently setup a complex Sales and Use tax structure for one of our Oracle ERP Cloud Customers.The customer is a lighting solutions provider that supplies and contracts out material and labor for projects in every state across the US. This…

During this session learn how a majestic 5-star luxury hotel chain has transformed its On-premise ERP into the Cloud. Their goal was to have a standardized source to settle functionality to ease user operations and improve purchasing visibility. Replacing PeopleSoft , VMS, eTiger and many other small ERPs that were working with silos with Cloud Procurement and JD Edwards. Hear how Oracle Procurement Cloud on top of JD Edwards helped them to reduce the operational complexity in terms of dependency for users and approvers on the number of applications for procurement processes. Also, understand how the seeded integration between Procurement Cloud and DocuSign added better collaboration and compliance with their suppliers.

Presented by Aswanth Vaidiswaran, Birlasoft