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Nothing New, but if you are new to Cloud Apps, or looking at them for the first time, this is a whistle stop history trip, how did we get here? What’s different than EBS? Design Principles, Analytics available, all the things Oracle assume you know.

Kem Butler, Senior Principal Customer Success Manager for Oracle, wrote about whether having a SaaS knowledge strategy is a necessity or a luxury for organizations. Many customers aren’t aware of the many capabilities available with Software as a Service (SaaS) that could benefit their business. This can lead to the wasting of time, money, and resources to try to address business needs that aren’t being met by current enterprise applications. When a software solution is assumed to not meet a specific need, organizations can respond in several ways with varying implications.

Oracle Security Alert for CVE-2019-2729 was released on June 18, 2019. Oracle strongly recommends that customers follow the recommended actions in the Security Alert.

Nancy Swanson, Senior Director of Product Marketing for the Oracle Database Appliance Portfolio, wrote about how companies can move to a new stage of competitiveness and growth when they transform their organizations on-premises or in the Cloud.

An increasing number of businesses are discovering that infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a catalyst for digital transformation, accelerated application development, and increased customer engagement through mobile applications and social interactions. Gartner forecasts that IaaS spending will grow 27.6 percent and reach nearly $40 billion in 2019. That would be a nearly $10 billion increase from last year.

Jun 26 @  11:00am

In a world where your enterprise landscape extends both overhead in the clouds and scattered across the ground, it can be difficult to understand how you might integrate all of these disparate solutions with ERP Cloud. This session explores how Caesars Entertainment tackled this challenge and provided a solution that seamlessly automates 50+ ERP Cloud…

Lynne Sampson, Oracle’s managing editor of The Modern Finance Leader, wrote a blog about Oracle CEO Mark Hurd’s thoughts on the benefits of leveraging blockchain within Finance.

Consumer Goods companies continue to struggle on creating a clear demand picture inclusive of Weekly / SKU / Location specific forecasting netted against projected supply being driven by Trade Promotion spend generally between 25 and 37% of Gross Sales. Oracle uniquely provides capabilities for CPG companies to generate and evaluate their forecasts providing a base volume showing Trend and Seasonality impacts, as well as evaluating each element of the trade spend across price, merchandising such as Ads, Special Store Placement, Consumer incentives, etc. Being able to generate an “explainable forecast” across all of these levers and evaluate the volume, revenue and margin contribution of each lever is industry leading.

Presented by Linda Peel, Oracle

If your company is looking to transform systems that have an overwhelming quantity, diversity, and/or complexity, you fall under the umbrella of “large scale migrations.” These situations often involve multiple business units, and there are very demanding operational and security requirements in production workloads.

At COLLABORATE 19, Hunter Bohannon, the HR Oracle Cloud Support Analyst at Yum! Brands, spoke about how Yum! Brands conquered challenging payroll business requirements with Oracle HCM Cloud and Cloud Payroll.

Jun 13 @  11:00am

  Nothing New, but if you are new to Cloud Apps, or looking at them for the first time, this is a whistle stop history trip, how did we get here? What’s different than EBS? Design Principles, Analytics available, all the things Oracle assume you know. Objectives: Understanding SaaS Understanding Options Presented by Debra Lilley, Assoc…

There’s no question that the payroll manager plays a crucial role in the success of both HR and Finance. At COLLABORATE 19, there was discussion around the role of the payroll manager during a Cloud implementation, during readiness preparation, during go-live, and when business is simply moving along as usual. While the payroll manager has relatively similar daily responsibilities both on-premises or in the Cloud, there are several roles that the payroll manager additionally takes on during implementation, readiness preparation, and go-live.

Jun 25 @  2:00pm

  We know.....the thought of moving off your EBS, PeopleSoft, JDE, or Hyperion On-Prem solution is the stuff of nightmares....maybe you just completed an upgrade. Maybe you're still scarred from your last project. Or possibly, you have reached certain efficiency gains and you don't want to mess with a good thing. In this session, we…

Lisa Schwartz, Senior Director of SaaS Applications for Oracle’s Cloud Business Group, discussed the ways emerging technology makes data more valuable in today’s workforce. She started by explaining the idea that data is the new oil. It’s clear that data is not fossil fuel, we cannot run our cars on it, or heat or homes with it. However, in a less literal sense, the analogy applies.

Aug 27 @  2:00pm

  Having worked with 50+ customers as they have made the move to Oracle SCM Cloud, we’ve heard a lot of advice on what our customers did (or wish they did) when it comes to migrating to the cloud. Join this session to hear the top lessons learned and Best Practices to implement from RF-SMART…

Lori Pierson, Vice President of HCM Transformation at Oracle, laid out five dangers customers should avoid when upgrading their HR system to HCM Cloud. Moving on-premises human resources applications to the Cloud is continuously becoming more and more popular. If a company wants to take its HR applications to the next level, it’s important to take advantage of new technologies and deliver a better experience for current and future employees. Organizations need to prepare for what lies ahead before making the move to the Cloud and learn how to avoid the five dangers Lori listed when upgrading to HCM Cloud.

Sue Shaw, Director of IT Operations for ATCO Group, spoke at COLLABORATE 19 about how to manage change after you’ve made the move to the Cloud. Sue discussed the scope of ATCO’s Cirrus Cloud Project, the types of changes companies may face during Cloud projects, and tools that are available to help with Cloud implementation change management.

Jun 11 @  2:00pm

Caltech extended their Jaggaer e-Procurement Platform to accept vendor invoices and to expose invoice Payment information to 1700+ end users of the Platform. Shopping, ordering, two/three-way matching and receiving all became enabled in a single Procure-to-Pay platform. To this, add Jaggaer's brand new PO Change Orders functionality and the integration challenges to Oracle are immense.…

Emerging technologies like Internet of Things (IoT) are continuously disrupting organizations and industries. A recent Oracle blog explored the possibility of blockchain playing a role in the future of IoT as organizations continue to adopt the emerging technology to transform their business.

Dorian Daley, Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Oracle, and Edward Screven, Chief Corporate Architect at Oracle, spoke about the current threat landscape and Oracle’s strategy for addressing it. The pair spoke about how Oracle is enhancing the relationships with customers by adopting a service model that allows customers to shift the security burden and risk to Oracle. They also covered how Oracle has rebuilt Cloud and the Autonomous Database, so customers are fully equipped to truly protect their data and eliminate human error from the security equation.

Dhvani Sheth, Solution Engineer at Oracle, showed how Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse can provide useful data analysis and visualization to HR departments. Hiring the right people requires a lot of time, money, and effort. However, hiring the wrong people can be just as costly, if not more so. Without using data analytics to make data-driven decisions, HR departments may be prone to hire based on a cognitive bias that they aren’t aware of. Instead of using traditional techniques, HR can use data analytics and visualization to find patterns within large volumes of data to make insightful hiring decisions for the company.

The session will provide information about JDE and ERP Cloud localizations for Latin America, and the main challenges of an implementation in this region. We will explain the alternatives for solving localization gaps in both ERPs, and the solutions ITCROSS has developed for JDE in Mexico, Argentina, Chile and others.

Presented by Cecilia Suarez & Rebeca Garduno Castor, ITCROSS

Rob Preston, editorial director in Oracle’s Content Central organization, wrote an article in Forbes about what speakers and attendees at Oracle’s Modern Business Experience conference had to say about the future of the workforce. The workforce of the future will be defined by more automation, a diverse mix of full-time and contract workers, and rapidly shifting demographics. The most successful employers in that future workforce will be the ones whose leadership teams get ahead of these trends.

More and more organizations are making the move to the Cloud each and every day. Once you’ve made the decision to go to Cloud, you have to ask yourself, “How am I going to get there?” There are several different approaches for installing Cloud-based applications, but many organizations debate between the “Big Bang” strategy of implementing Cloud application suites all at once or the “Go Slow” strategy of implementing in discrete, phased increments. The decision depends on your company, your culture, and your sense of urgency.

Ed Beauvais, Director of Product Management for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, recently published "The Essential Guide to Cloud Terminology"—a breakdown of common terms you hear people using when they talk about Cloud. These terms covered Cloud basics, new technology, and other Cloud terminology that people should get familiar with.