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Organizations that have strong IT leadership, strong IT influence, get superior results. And not only do they get superior results, but they also get it with less effort. They get it with less rework. And so for us to commit ourselves to our own leadership and influence and how we can improve our leadership and influence can make a huge impact on the organizations that we serve.

Mar 11 @  1:00pm

In our IT careers, we can find ourselves at a crossroads—trying to understand the best way to grow and develop. We want to maximize our professional impact, but we aren’t clear if we should focus on building technical proficiency, industry knowledge, or “people skills.” What does a strong roadmap for our career development look like?…

Jennifer Leatherman, IT Business Solutions Director at CTB, Inc. spoke with us about their decision to migrate from JD Edwards World Software to Oracle ERP Cloud.

“By moving to a fully functional, fully integrated system, we are able to lower ongoing cost by reducing the third-party software we had added over the years. This included maintenance and support along with licensing.”
—Jennifer Leatherman, IT Business Solutions Director at CTB, Inc

Feb 9 @  10:30pm

Abstract CFOs surveyed in the last quarter of 2020 expect revenues to increase over the next 12 months. What are they doing now to be so optimistic? PwC sponsors this free event to explore how they’re driving bold changes to prepare for growth. Description This event highlights four big moves you can make to achieve…

Feb 3 @  12:00pm

Abstract Join us to learn more about the new and upcoming Oracle Digital Assistant innovations in Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP, designed to deliver a modern self-service experience to increase finance efficiency. Description Finance leaders see a lot of value in using AI and chatbots within financial systems – a new experience designed to automate required,…

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) – Cloud Day

In today’s remote environment it is critical for AP staff to have the tools necessary to facilitate collaboration on important documents, data, and transactions. Cloud-based ERP software provides the most flexible and efficient option for this needed collaboration while ensuring the security and integrity of your organization’s financial data is maintained. This enables your AP staff to be more productive, provides instant access for all stakeholders, and helps organizations focus on initiatives for growing the business. Please join Hyland product experts Don Dittmar, Industry Product Manager, and Karen Loftis, Director of Product Management, to discover how organizations are transforming their AP process with Hyland’s Cloud-based technology.

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) – Cloud Day

The cloud era is upon us. Many businesses are transitioning to cloud-based solutions to run their core systems. Third-party providers are also increasingly delivering their solutions via the cloud. Those companies strong on cloud technology hold a decided edge over competitors. Though these new approaches are not yet widely publicized, they can offer incredible benefits to your business when deployed effectively by cloud experts.

For over 15 years, Avalara has been at the forefront of cloud-based software delivery. Leveraging IAAS/PAAS concepts, it has developed cutting edge cloud-to-cloud capabilities that allow a truly seamless integration using deployment automation, testing, and management of tax compliance requirements.

In this session, you will learn how Avalara’s expanding global tax compliance capabilities that reside on the new OCI based framework results in a true end-to-end automated tax technology solution available for Oracle ERP Cloud.

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) - Cloud Day

Chatbots are increasingly becoming more common in Enterprise and Institutions. Most started with simple use cases such as a simple FAQ bot, but in many cases are rapidly hitting the limits of simple Chatbots can do. In this session, we will discuss various enterprise and institutional use cases for Chatbots. We will explore pre-built integration and templates that conversational-enable your Oracle Application deployments. We will also cover the latest innovations in conversational AI technologies – AI-powered Voice engine that you can train, true native multi-lingual support, and Digital Assistants combined with Process Automation to fully realize the promise of what conversational AI can offer.

Nov 18 @  11:00am

How can finance teams plan for what’s ahead in an environment of constant change and disruption? Forward-thinking CFOs are accelerating their adoption of digital tools designed to help them model multiple scenarios, optimize cash flow, strengthen their balance sheets, and connect data across lines of business. Join our finance demo series to see these tools…

Nov 18 @  11:00am

Integrate Financial and Operational Planning How do you put your plans into action? Connected business planning across finance and supply chain can help you be agile, act quickly, and pivot to new business models. Let us show you how connecting Scenario and Supply Chain Planning in the Oracle Cloud can move your business forward. Presented…