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Presented at HCMWorld2018 by UST Global

The talent transformation journey at UST Global is primarily aimed at creating synergy by focusing talent processes as one single integrated process using Oracle cloud applications integrated with PeopleSoft ERP. As a profesional services organization it is paramount importance to have integrated talent supply chain process covering Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Talent Development process to achieve high resource utilization ratio resulting in higher financial performance and employee engagement. Oracle Talent Acquisition will help UST in strengthening candidate pipeline through strong social sourcing and referral capability resulting in better quality of candidates and available for filling resource demand.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Oracle

As businesses are transforming rapidly to adopt Cloud technologies, topics related to data protection, data privacy, data regulation / GDPR (global data privacy regulations) are now subject to rapid change and regional regulations. In order to execute a compliant Cloud-enabled strategy, HRIT have to understand how their data can be migrated, stored, secured and managed. Data privacy regulation should not slow down your company’s adoption of cloud technologies but the risk of non-compliance is an increasing concern to be understood

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Seygarth Shaw Lllp

Did you know nearly 70% of today’s employee are not engaged at work? Disengagement is a serious issue that can close the doors of businesses if not dealt with. This is because disengagement affects much more than just company morale; it directly impacts your bottom line. In fact, disengaged employees are estimated to cost organizations between $450 and $550 billion annually. In this session, Andrew Sherman, author of The Crisis of Disengagement, will review the impact of disengagement in the workplace and the ways in which companies can successfully engage today's employees.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Cummins Inc

Cummins Inc., has always focused on developing its 55,000+ employees in 50+ countries. The company struggled to identify competency gaps that were critical roadblocks to building organizational capabilities in a timely manner. In this session learn how the Cummins team—with the mission to assess the competency of over 1,000 employees around the world at the same time—took an innovative approach and used performance management within Oracle HCM Cloud to drive competency assessment globally. This set the stage for a talent management transformation and provided instant insights into gaps, removing guesswork from investing time and resources.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Oracle

How are unions and other labor representation influencing how you manage your overall worker population? This session will focus on the changes of managing labor populations and how labor groups are influencing the management of workers worldwide.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Epicenter and Ipsos

As global organizations continue to feel pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency, IT environments are rapidly changing, and the speed of cloud adoption is increasing. International firms are increasingly utilizing cloud technology to modernize systems, cut costs and analyze data to gain insights into more cost-effective ways to run their businesses. Attend this session to learn how Ipsos selected a cloud platform to eliminate multi-data entry and apply a full cloud based integration model to reap the benefits for years to come by improving HR process efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by ARRIS and PwC

Come hear the story of ARRIS, a telecom company with 6,000+ employees in 30+ countries. A leader in the technology industry with 20 Emmys®, ARRIS is transforming entertainment & communication to solve the most pressing challenges of 21st century connectedness. We are partnering with PwC to determine the best strategy for replacing a customized on-premise PeopleSoft platform with the HCM Cloud solution globally. Learn why ARRIS chose HCM Cloud and how the company is transforming their business with HCM at the core.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by McDermott International, Acosta and Infosys

From ‘standard’ to ‘personalized’ approach, from ‘internal’ to ‘external’ talent, from ‘local’ to ‘global’, from ‘reporting’ to ‘predictive analytics’, Talent Management has witnessed huge changes over the years across all functions - talent acquisition, performance management, compensation, career & succession planning, learning and development and workforce planning.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Oracle

Our next generation Cloud Onboarding solution designed as a part of our Cloud Core HR solution guides, connects and develops new hires and help them become engaged and productive team members. The solution is personalized, mobile and caters to pre-hires, hires and also facilitates cross-boarding and off-boarding journeys. Come to this session to watch the new engaging journeys for pre-hires, new hires, managers and HR administrators making the onboarding experience a delight.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by West Coast University

Share our journey using HCM Cloud products starting from where we began, our goals, review of outcomes and results as well as lessons learned. Share which implementations had the most positive feedback and those where users expectations were not met. What we did to overcome issues. How our upgrade process evolved and manpower needs diminished as the product matured.