Tag: Oracle Cloud HCM

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Mary Kay Inc and PwC

Dan Staley, PwC’s HR Technology Leader, will share results of PwC’s 2017 HR Tech Survey completed by over 300 organizations from around the globe. Dan will be joined by a PwC client who will share the impact HR technology innovations has had on their ability to deliver improved service and capabilities to their workforce. Additionally, we will explore other findings from the survey including cloud deployment trends and leading practices.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by CDM Smith and KBACE

No two people's fingerprints are the same, so neither should two HR systems. The way you brand your HCM Cloud could mean the difference between your user base happily adopting a new application during implementation or 'just another system we have to use'. CDM Smith, an engineering company out of Boston have branded their cloud as Mosaic, a name representing the group of disparate business processes which have been combined under one global solution. Bernadette Lammi, the HRIS manager for CDM Smith and Anton Rzhanov, a cloud director at KBACE will reveal how a blend of vignettes, logos, unique personalizations and on-screen prompts have turned an Oracle cloud into CDM Smith folklore.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Caesars Entertainment and Grant Thornton

Caesars Entertainment, a worldwide brand in gaming and hospitality, has undertaken a strategic transformation across the organization to modernize its back office HR function. Attend this session to learn more about Caesars' decision to change, how the organization operates, why they chose to move to the cloud, how they selected Oracle Cloud, the challenges of deploying the solution across the country and the latest update on their HCM transformation.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Wagstaff

We use HCM to automate processes. Unfortunately, bad processes that are automated are still bad processes. As a result, our investment in HCM does not produce the ROI we were hoping for. Without taking the time to evaluate and improve processes we cannot achieve increases to efficiency and performance. In this session, Dr. Wade Larson will present a case study of a mid-size company's journey to revamp all Talent Management processes in performance, succession planning, training, recruiting, and more to achieve a 20% increase in efficiency within HR and a 10% increase in efficiency for managers. This session will also provide specific steps and metrics participants can use to recognize and improve processes right away.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Oracle and KBACE

The launch of Oracle Recruiting Cloud presents an exciting opportunity for our current cloud recruiting customers to transition their recruiting process onto a single HCM platform. In this informative session we will help customers understand their options and help plan their own journey to Oracle Recruiting Cloud. Join Oracle product and implementation experts as they walk through available deployment options, discuss adoption effort and best practices, and talk about how to align your particular journey with ORC’s rapidly evolving roadmap.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Pella Corporation and Oracle

Pella’s HR journey to the cloud started as an alternative to a PeopleSoft upgrade and ended as a strategic initiative for the business. Learn about Pella’s HCM Cloud journey and how it has helped shape and enable the growth strategy of the company.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Hoffman Corporation and eVerge Group

Hoffman Construction Company is a privately held construction firm based in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1922, it is the largest construction company in Oregon, and the 33rd largest in the United States. Hoffman Construction needed to update its Human Resources, Benefits Management and Compensation Management systems in order to drive change in their business operations that put more effective and consistent business process tools in their employees and managers hands. In this session, Hoffman will tell their story about why it was so important for their business to change to a system, how quickly and effectively they were able to implement the HCM tools that were the driver for changes in their operations.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by IDC

As the scope of human capital management continues to expand, HR leaders are doing their best to stay abreast of rapidly changing best practices. Many are inspired to try new methods and tactics, and invest in new technologies and services. But there’s one obstacle few have overcome: the ability to monitor, measure and optimize for impact. This lack of insight into what's working and what's not undermines forward-thinking talent leaders' efforts to evolve and adapt. We will present a straightforward approach to becoming the analytics playmaker your organization needs, including four commonsense tenets that drive the most effective measurement practices, and five analytics "on-ramps" to take you out of the dark and on the path to greatness.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Oracle

Ensuring personal and corporate protection in the cloud is critical for all organizations. Fraud to data privacy, ensuring compliance and continuous monitoring to minimize risk should be top of mind. With the consequences of data privacy breaches and fraud becoming more critical to the bottom line and brand, organizations are required to face this issue head on. This session will focus on what every organization should consider in preparing for their transition to the cloud and the unique security offerings provided by Oracle Cloud Services with HCM Cloud and GRC for HCM.

Presented at HCMWorld2018 by Grant Thornton LLP

YRC Worldwide Inc., one of the largest transportation service providers in the world, has recently implemented Oracle Cloud Payroll and Oracle Cloud Finance. Using this tight integration, YRC is now able to perform detailed and timely labor cost analysis. Come hear how YRC has taken a back office application and made it a strategic tool.