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110670 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 The Payroll Manger role is critical to success in the Cloud. In this session, we will examine the role of the Payroll Manager in the Cloud during implementation, in readiness for go-live and business as usual. Has the role changed?   Ann Warham, Oracle Corp.

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  • 4/29/19

110520 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Did you know you can configure custom payroll flows to optimize your payroll processing by strategically combing and separating tasks and using SQL to default parameters?  By grouping tasks together in combined flows, such as PrePayments and Archive, and by combining EFT and Check Payments, you can accomplish just that.…

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  • 4/29/19

110450 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Quest’s HCM Cloud SIG is hosting a networking session at COLLABORATE 19 for attendees to discuss any and all topics related to HCM Cloud. All attendees are encouraged to participate no matter where they are in their Cloud journey. Discussions will cover those considering migrating as well as best practices…

109680 Presented at COLLABORATE 19 Oracle Cloud HCM Security - From Moonless Night to Moonlit Night" is geared towards an audience interested in Human Capital Management (HCM) Security. I will review our journey starting with our Implementation and then transitioning to the maintenance of security. I will also discuss the improvements in Oracle Cloud Security…

A major trucking company, with a large number of contingent workers, recently implemented a multi-pillar Oracle Cloud solution, which included  HCM, Payroll, ERP, OTM and others. Constrained by the limited ability to process contingent worker payroll, the client leveraged PaaS to design a solution that met their needs. This session will highlight how the solution--developed in Oracle DBCS and Apex, with SSO-like configuration--integrates two-ways with HCM and ADP to processes gross earnings  for settlement payments.

Rick DeLaney, Payroll Strategy Manager at Oracle, spoke at RECONNECT 18 about the Payroll for North America Update and Roadmap. He highlighted newer features that have been recently delivered and discussed features that are coming soon.