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Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) 2020 - PeopleSoft Day

Are you ready for a cloud evolution? Faiz Hanif, CIO of Rotary International, knew that to deliver on their humanitarian mission and meet increasing philanthropic global demands, the not-for-profit organization needed a high-performing, secure, scalable, and modern cloud platform. Rotary partnered with Oracle Consulting to successfully migrate Rotary’s on-premises PeopleSoft grant application to OCI with Disaster Recovery, which stabilized and enhanced the functionality of their financial environment.

Join Faiz Hanif and Oracle Cloud thought leaders, Stephanie Trunzo and Chris Fox, for a conversation about moving past traditional boundaries, shifting mindsets, and embracing the “art of the possible” to make the world a better place.

Presented at Quest Experience Week (QXW) 2020 - PeopleSoft Day

Organizations that will thrive in tomorrow’s competitive environment must today shift their focus from a legacy “run-and-maintain” mode and embrace innovation. As you explore new ways to maximize investment for your PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM applications, a cloud migration is one of the best ways to optimize your costs, deliver better performance and application usability.

In this session, you’ll learn how to migrate PeopleSoft HCM & FSCM applications simultaneously with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provided by Oracle Cloud Certified Managed Service Provider (MSP) Velocity Technology Solutions. You’ll also learn how to gain visibility into the performance of your PeopleSoft applications in the cloud, including users, transactions, and batch processes down to the millisecond with Velocity’s ZOOM analytics solution.

Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of Oracle PeopleSoft, presented a PeopleSoft update during RECONNECT 20. Aubrejuan is responsible for the PeopleSoft Development team at Oracle. Before diving into the update, he praised his team, recognized the largest number of attendees that RECONNECT has ever recorded, and showed his appreciation to Quest for its work as a strategic partner for Oracle PeopleSoft.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Join Paco Aubrejuan, senior vice president of Oracle Applications, as he kicks off the Reconnect Conference.  Paco will provide an update on the PeopleSoft strategy and roadmap and will highlight key product capabilities that have been delivered over the past 6 months.  You will also hear a preview of some of the exciting news of the conference including an update on Innovators, PeopleTools and Cloud Manager plans, as well as new content channels that the PeopleSoft team is working on, and you’ll have an opportunity to ask questions.  This session compliments and will build upon the update that Paco provided for Quest Forum Digital Event.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Hear from experts on how to evaluate, plan, execute, and succeed on your PeopleSoft to Cloud project!

Join the road well-traveled and realize the benefits that hundreds of other PeopleSoft customers have by running PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Astute Business Solutions is hosting an interactive forum-style discussion to answer all your burning questions about lifting and shifting or moving and improving PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Discussion topics will include evaluation, planning, the migration itself, and maintaining and supporting PeopleSoft post-migration on OCI. Bring us your most difficult questions and challenges on customization, integration, security, and performance and we will answer them and share recent experiences in each area. As an added bonus, Astute will be announcing a special offer during the event to help you accelerate your PeopleSoft Lift and Shift to OCI. Register today -- you won’t want to miss out!

The State of Oklahoma’s Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) is on a path to update its PeopleSoft Financial software to a current PUM while utilizing out of the box features wherever possible. The current environment is a heavily customized, early PUM image of PeopleSoft 9.2. The customizations and infrastructure needs have hindered updates in the past.

However, by understanding the advantages of running PeopleSoft in the Cloud by utilizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), and with a sharp focus on using standard and configurable features, OMES is now on a path to not only update PeopleSoft but also to be in a position to fully utilize all that PeopleSoft has to offer today and well into the future.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: PeopleSoft Week, Ayana Wilkins (Oracle Manager at OMES) joined Craig Oliver (Client Executive at Oracle), Jerry Adams (Enterprise Cloud Architect at Oracle), and Rob Mowid (Regional Director at MIPRO), for a discussion about the plan for OMES to run PeopleSoft on OCI.

With the help of SpearMC and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, First Financial Northwest Bank (FFNWB) migrated their Accounting, Asset Management, and Accounts Payable functions to PeopleSoft FSCM in four months – all with minimal internal resources and no in-house infrastructure.

Whether you're interested in Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Capital Management, Tools and Technology, Enterprise Service Automation, Financial Management, Maintenance, Procurement (SRM), or Supply Chain Management, we've got something for you at RECONNECT 20! Check out these sessions below that capture some of the RECONNECT 20 hot topics.

During Quest Forum Digital Event: Innovation Week, Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of Oracle Applications, presented a PeopleSoft product update and elaborated on the current strategies for PeopleSoft. He began by reassuring customers that the PeopleSoft team is ready and available to help with COVID-related issues and requirements. He expressed appreciation for the men and women who are on the frontlines during this crisis and acknowledged that their work is extremely important and valued.

As part of Quest Forum Digital Event: PeopleSoft Week, executives from the PeopleSoft team gathered for a panel discussion to answer PeopleSoft customers’ burning questions.