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At RECONNECT 20, during the PeopleSoft Rock Stars Podcast, Jim Marion, Master Trainer at JSMpros, and Gusty Toluta’u, Director of Development at Gideon Taylor, were interviewed by Paul Taylor, President and CEO at Gideon Taylor. The rock stars fielded listener-submitted questions, as well as canned inquiries regarding Fluid Development.

During RECONNECT 20, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President of Product Strategy at Oracle, presented how to innovate with PeopleSoft in today's turbulent times. 

Continuous delivery and innovation remain imperatives for delivering value, and yet they are even more challenging now, given unprecedented changes to budgets, operating models, and economic outlooks. To help combat these challenges, Jackson shared insights, trends, and lessons learned from the PeopleSoft Innovators – customers like you that have deployed new capabilities. Which initiatives delivered value? Were they worth the cost? If they had it to do over again, would they? 

During Quest Forum Digital Event: PeopleSoft Week, Matthew Haavisto, Director of Product Management for PeopleTools, shared an overview of the latest PeopleSoft analytics features - including Kibana and personalized notifications.

Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of Oracle PeopleSoft, presented a PeopleSoft update during RECONNECT 20. Aubrejuan is responsible for the PeopleSoft Development team at Oracle. Before diving into the update, he praised his team, recognized the largest number of attendees that RECONNECT has ever recorded, and showed his appreciation to Quest for its work as a strategic partner for Oracle PeopleSoft.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

End users and business analysts alike are responsible for correcting a wide array of business exceptions. Identifying them in a timely manner though can be a challenging prospect. PeopleSoft's Personalized Analytics Notifications feature is a welcomed addition, providing a solution that is easily configured without the need for technical assistance. Anyone with a decent grasp of PS Query and Pivot Grids can add intelligent notifications to reduce response times to exceptions and increase efficiency in business processes.

In this session, we will walk through adding a Personalized Analytics Notification (PAN) to an existing Pivot Grid. We will then showcase a real-world application explaining how the tool can help not only end users, but teams supporting the system itself, all without requiring technical intervention.

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Recordings & Presentations
  • 11/11/20

Over the past decade, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) has transformed its PeopleSoft platform. To help other organizations find success with HCM and FSCM, Daniel Rech, Director of Information Systems for BIDMC, shared his company’s journey with Fluid UI.

Presented at RECONNECT 20 

This is a case study of migration and upgrade of PeopleSoft FSCM 9.2 on OCI (Oracle CloudInfrastructure) in less than six months  

Understand how to migrate the PeopleSoft workloads to OCI with minimal disruption to the business 
Understand how to do a fast track upgrade of PeopleSoft Applications in OCI 

Presented by 

Mohammed Abdul Khader, Astute Business Solutions 

Rico Gonzaga, CARE Inc 

Sanjit Sanyal, Astute Business Solutions 

Presented at RECONNECT 20

This feature was introduced in PT 8.58 to ensure the delivery of the actual client (browser) to PeopleCode and the logs.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Configuration is a major initiative for PeopleSoft. Get an overview of the latest features to help you isolate customizations. This enables you to retain your important changes while reducing the time, cost, and effort of taking new images.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Is your PeopleSoft infrastructure ready for PeopleTools 8.58 and beyond?  Have you made the switch to Visual COBOL?   Did you perform your first one-click PeopleTools upgrade using PeopleSoft Cloud Manager?  This session walks you through PeopleTools certifications for operating systems, databases, browsers, search and other components certified with PeopleTools.  We'll discuss the timelines and options for the migration to Visual COBOL, and highlight new features delivered with Cloud Manager. This session provides the information you need to ensure your PeopleSoft infrastructure remains certified and supported by Oracle Support for your PeopleSoft environments.