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At RECONNECT 19, State of Minnesota's Rahul Nori provided a Query Manager deep dive for both technical and functional users. Nori covered basic tips and tricks for query writing, creating smart prompts, and using expressions wisely. He also covered what you can do to ensure that your system keeps your information safe and secure while keeping your database from spinning out of control.

David Bain, Sr. Director of PeopleTools Product Management, released a blog yesterday announcing the release of PeopleTools 8.58 on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The release will not be available for on-premises environments until the 8.58.03 patch. Until then, Oracle invites customers to take advantage of the many benefits offered by PeopleSoft Cloud Manager and of running PeopleSoft applications in the Oracle Cloud.

PeopleSoft OffBoarding provides a simple and intuitive way to help employees, managers, and others with the important tasks required when an employee leaves your organization.

Customers have been branding their PeopleSoft environments for many years with Classic PeopleSoft. This typically included rich websites. Now that PeopleSoft is moving to Fluid user interface, the concentration is shifting toward Fluid branding capabilities. There are many resources available for Classic branding, but since Fluid is the strategic direction for PeopleSoft, this PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video focused only on branding Fluid applications.

PeopleSoft Cloud Manager Image 10 was recently released and includes several new features and enhancements. Check out the release highlights.

PeopleTools 8.57 has added may new features and enhancements that continue to allow PeopleSoft applications to continuing as the industry leader in business functionality. Drop Zones, Event Mapping Enhancements, Configuration are just some of the Major updates now included with PeopleTools 8.57. We’ll show you what’s in there and how they can help your team…

A recent PeopleSoft Spotlight Series video addressed three key points of interest regarding regression testing:
-The importance of regression testing with Selective Adoption
-Key parts of a regression testing strategy
-Regression testing with PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF)

PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 34 was recently released, and it contains a long list of helpful new features. Check out the highlights in this post.

Access all 14 Quest Experience Week PeopleSoft session recordings. Purchase now.

Access all 14 Quest Experience Week PeopleSoft session recordings. Purchase now.