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In this session, we will take a deeper dive into the vision, roadmap, and investment strategies for our key innovations with respect to Recruiting, Talent, Learning -- as well as what you should know about the latest innovations that utilize those core foundational areas (such as Dynamic Skills, Grow, and ME) -- and some new innovations as well (such as Touchpoints and Communicate)? that can have a huge impact on your people strategies, programs, and initiatives.

No other industry has been turned as upside down as the Healthcare industry over the last three years. The evolving role of the nurse to managing a flexible and gig workforce, all while working to retain and staff highly specialized healthcare workers in short supply, the healthcare industry has been at the forefront of constant change. In this session, learn how cloud applications can solve the Healthcare workforce challenges, including our focus on advanced scheduling and the healthcare worker's experience.

If the world of work is evolving to more of a talent and opportunity marketplace, how do we frame the discussion beyond just the traditional jobs and roles we have always used in the past to a model that support an exchange of skills and capabilities for the work that needs to get done in an organization? And why skills are the building blocks of these new work models...

In this session we'll look at how the intelligent use of Recognition and Rewards in combination, can produce results where 'the sum is greater than the parts'.

Transitioning to Oracle Cloud HCM does not mean that you lose control over your HR system of record. In this session, we will cover the many options you have to configure and personalize your system to meet your business requirements. This session will start to explore the tools and processes you control in Oracle Cloud HCM, using the Experience Design Studio, what changes are optional vs. required, and how often are these controls managed. We will also provide examples of how former PeopleSoft customers removed or replaced their PeopleSoft customizations once they transitioned to Oracle Cloud HCM.

We will discuss best practices for applying updates and taking regular maintenance in Oracle Cloud HCM. This session will cover how new features are made available, what your responsibilities are for testing those new features, how fixes are provided, and the regular quarterly update schedule within Oracle Cloud HCM. We will also cover what impact, if any, there is to users during those updates.


• How updates are made available to customers on a regular basis in Oracle Cloud HCM
• What responsibilities customers have for testing new features once they become available in Oracle Cloud HCM
• What customers need to do to prepare for regular updates and what the impact is to users in Oracle Cloud HCM

Choosing to move from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud is no small feat. PeopleSoft continues to deliver new functionality and an updated user experience, making it possible to capture the most value from your PeopleSoft Application, while also making decisions that will support your Migration to the Cloud.

Come join us as we review Texas A&M University Systems journey from Oracle Cloud past (Gen 1 Exadata Cloud at Customer/Oracle Cloud Machine), present (Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Gen 2 Exadata Cloud Service), and future. We will be covering the journey, lessons learned, and tools that helped along the way.

Presented at BLUEPRINT 4D
Session ID: 100440

The ability for an employee to identify and express themselves is a basic expectation, especially when it comes to a social construct like gender. To on-board and retain an inclusive and diverse group of employees, there is a pressing need to add nonbinary gender option for employees in Self Service since it fosters a positive, welcoming and supportive environment. PeopleSoft HCM team delivered Gender Identity and Expression options with PUM Image 41. This presentation is a discussion of these features and our implementation experiences. We will talk about what there is to know and consider, how to analyze impacts to existing policies and procedures and finally implementing a solution to meet the needs for your organization that supports employee diversity and inclusion strategy.
Learning Objective #1 Understand the need and impacts of Gender Identity and Expression.
Learning Objective #2 Review what Oracle/PeopleSoft delivered in HCM PUM 41
Learning Objective #3 Considerations in implementing the features.