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We recognize that every organization is different with a unique set of business and strategic requirements for your HCM, ERP (Financials / SCM) and EPM suite of applications, whether you are PeopleSoft, JDE, or EBS, or any other on-premise platform. The future of your HCM, ERP, SCM and EPM has more options than ever on how best to improve your systems, efficiencies, and costs to meet your continually changing business requirements, whether it’s related to application functionality or your infrastructure and platform.

Digital transformation is not for the faint of heart. Learn about the strategic value of implementing Oracle Guided Learning to drive target outcomes of your digital transformation. Digitizing your core operations is often just the foundation for offering new or enhanced digital products and services. Strategic business imperatives to reduce costs, improve quality, improve speed-to-market, drive growth, and improve experience often underpin the rationale for digital enablement. The value chain, by necessity, includes the user adoption curve for your critical business technology. Find out more about how Oracle Guided Learning, Oracle's best-in-class digital adoption platform, can enable success for your transforming organization.

Are you considering moving your Oracle based applications to the cloud? If it’s just an Oracle database, or perhaps your company is looking at moving on-premises PeopleSoft or JD Edwards to cloud based infrastructure. This panel will include multiple experts that have moved many Oracle based workloads to multiple cloud based infrastructure providers (OCI, AZURE, AWS, GCI). Bring your questions and let’s have an interactive discussion. Ask about such topics as security, technical steps, costs, gotchas, performance, patching, or availability.

The pressure is on to stay nimble and to pivot quickly and competitively in ever changing market conditions. Are labor intensive, manual processes holding you back? Are you struggling to gather and analyze data in a meaningful way? This session will help you reimagine your business using modern cloud applications that deliver deep enterprise insight through automation and touchless processing using next-generation technologies like AI and machine learning.

Considering a move from PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud? Hear from Beth Dvoracek, GVP of Oracle Consulting, about what it means to move to the cloud—should you stay, move to OCI, or soar to SaaS? Hear how a leading hospital system made the move to PeopleSoft and is now thriving in the cloud. Get real-life advice around lessons learned and best practices for accelerating the journey, reducing risk, and achieving exceptional outcomes.

Not quite ready to make the move to the cloud? Learn how to optimize your current platform to drive better results and prepare for a future move to the cloud. In this session you will hear about the tools we use to optimize your on premise platform, including steps you can take to prepare for a future move to cloud, supported by real-world examples of how organizations are doing it today.

In today’s market, organizations have options on whether/how/when to move to the Cloud. Some are reimplementing to new SaaS solutions; others are optimizing PeopleSoft and lifting their existing ERP/HCM to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure; and others are choosing to integrate Cloud-based solutions with their on-premise PeopleSoft applications. Join us for a panel discussion on factors to consider in evaluating your options and how to get the most value from the direction you choose. We'll share insights to help you navigate the options and the marketplace. How do you engage Oracle? How do you evaluate providers for Cloud services and/or Cloud infrastructure? What are the benefits you should expect? What will your team be responsible for AFTER the migration? We’ll also share best practice on some of the smart things your organization can be doing TODAY so that you’re ready for TOMORROW: Designing Cloud-proofed business processes that can easily move PeopleSoft down either cloud path; Automating manual tasks to help your staff redefine the nature of “work”; Identifying opportunities to reduce and retire third-party systems. Bring your questions and join us for successful strategies that will help you ensure a smooth landing if and when your cloud migration comes, and allow you to keep innovating in the meantime.

Many Cloud adopters decided to take a phased approach to Cloud migration, maintaining a hybrid on-prem and cloud ecosystem to meet their business needs. Now that cloud has expanded to contain more robust, enterprise functionality, the time to move out of a hybrid environment is on the horizon. In order to make this transition smooth, it is essential to assess what data is in each system, how often legacy reports and information are utilized, and where each part of a business process is happening – and fully understand how end-to-end business processes cross applications in the hybrid model. This session will focus on a customer case study of continued Cloud migration and moving towards PeopleSoft retirement, starting with an assessment, and mapping what available functionality in Cloud would meet business needs. We’ll detail the tools and templates used to perform this analysis, and the beginning steps for your own application review to continue on your Cloud journey.

In this session, we will go deep explore the vision, roadmap, and investment strategies for our key innovations with respect to respect to learning, development, and growth. From LMS to LxP to growth in the flow of work and life, our most recent investments and innovations connect people with valuable, hyper-personalized insights, recommendations, and guidance on skill development for mastering their current roles, as well as their ongoing growth potential.

The move to the Cloud is filled with exuberance and challenges as your organization progresses along the Cloud Maturing Model. The wave of digital transformation brings disruptive changes to the organization as well as an opportunity to evaluate process and incorporate efficiency. True transformation succeeds when people themselves transform and adopt to change. This session will reveal what one of the largest fast foods icons had to contemplate as they started their journey and the maturation that ensued. Every role on the organization from technologists to leaders were required to embrace change for them to become “value creators”. What does your organization need to consider as it progresses along this maturity model? Has your organization considered the roles required as you progress from data center transformation to application stabilization, to supporting hybrid deployments before you modernize your applications?