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Successfully managing your fixed assets on a global scale requires powerful tools and capabilities in PeopleSoft Asset Management, Lease Administration, and Maintenance Management. In this session, you will learn of the new and planned features to manage your asset portfolio in the most efficient manner possible.

Are you confident your organization is leveraging your PeopleSoft Contracts and Project Costing to achieve your best practice goals? Have you missed some of the new features released in recent PeopleSoft Images that may address some of your current business challenges?

Manage your project lifecycle with the latest features within the PeopleSoft Enterprise Services Automation (ESA) suite to allow your organization to invest the right resources in the right projects and align ESA strategy with business objectives. Manage your asset lifecycle with PeopleSoft Asset Management & Lease Administration and adapt to business process and accounting changes. This session will highlight new and planned ALM features, with a focus on preparing for the new leasing guidance.

You know Oracle is continuing to invest in PeopleSoft by regularly, delivering new applications features and functions. In this session, Rebekah Jackson, Vice President for PeopleSoft, shares an overall view of some of the most recent and significant application enhancements. Rebekah will discuss the drivers behind the hundreds of new features and enhancements delivered in the current PeopleSoft offering and share a sneak-peak into what's currently in development and planned for the PeopleSoft roadmap. You'll leave this session knowing how Oracle's continuous innovation for PeopleSoft is positively impacting customers and how customers can engage with Oracle to impact the roadmap, help prioritize investments, and collaborate with the PeopleSoft community.

Grants 101

Introduction to the fundamentals of using grants, project and contracts to manage sponsored related business. The presentation will cover the basics of configuration, proposal management, contract set up and billing functions. Helpful tips and tricks will also be provided for oversight of the Grants Management process.

Interested in learning how other organizations approach complex project costing business process requirements? Join us for a roundtable discussion with an Oracle strategist surrounding asset management.

Projects is supporting the needs of the most complex project-driven enterprises.

Automate and accelerate PeopleSoft applications Testing with PeopleSoft Test Framework
Lean how PUM regression testing can be carried out in less than a week, reducing timelines and cost with a Customer case study

There are many sessions at Collaborate where you can listen and learn about a particular topic from one or two experts. Attend this session to engage in an open discussion with key members of Oracle's PeopleSoft ERP product team. 

Attend this session to better understand how to leverage Simplified Analytics in PeopleSoft HCM and FSCM to respond to decisions quickly when timely multi-pillar information is visually and dynamically available at a glance.