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Presented at RECONNECT2018 by BECU,
We attend these conferences to network, but sometimes that is difficult when sessions are focused on single topics. This session is intended to start conversations around the PeopleSoft Financials modules.

Presented at RECONNECT2018 by Susan G Komen, Susan G Komen,
Susan G. Komen is a non-profit organization operating under a federated business model in which the parent organization (HQ) and the subsidiaries (Affiliates) each operate as independent businesses with a distinct governing body, offices, personnel, suppliers, operating bank accounts, etc.

In this presentation, you will learn the powerful features of PeopleSoft Connected and Composite Query. Using either of these tools, you can create complex query reports not allowed using standard PS Query Manager.

  • Quest Customer Learning Team
  • Whitepapers & presentations
  • 8/01/18

Presented at RECONNECT2018 by University of Minnesota, University of Minnesota, ,
Introduction to fundamentals and use for the following will be provided:
1. The Billing Module as a stand-alone for Non Sponsored related Billing Business.
2. The Accounts Receivable Module for both Sponsored and Non Sponsored business.

The presentation dives into the struggles, strategies and solutions around automating the updating of credit card information and terminations.

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Pre-Authorized ACH Bank Debits (like tax payments, insurance payments, USPS bulk mail, online services, etc.) are generally not recorded through AP. These types of payments are made online, outside the purchasing and AP process.

PeopleSoft Billing and Accounts Receivables SIG Meeting - IDEAS Topics

Roundtable discussion for PeopleSoft Billing and AR users. Learn how others have implemented and are using PeopleSoft functionality to streamline their Billing and AR operations. The discussion will focus on best practices, tips and tricks- so bring your knowledge and/or questions!

Have you ever wanted to: Run PeopleSoft queries from Excel? Onboard new users by simply handing them a workbook so they can use as a front end to run the most common queries?

Presentation and demo of Fluid features within Accounts Receivable and Billing modules - Fluid Workcenter, Analyze Billing Operations, Simplified Analytics, Credit to Cash Operations, Write-Offs Approvals.