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Mar 12 @  3:00am

Attend this session to understand the fundamentals of Kibana, how is it integrated with PeopleSoft Tiles & Related Information, how customers can add their own Kibana dashboards and how customers can update their Roles for Kibana. See sample use cases from HCM and FSCM on the usage of Kibana in specific modules. Presented by Ramasimha…

Margaret Harrist, Oracle BRANDVOICE contributor, wrote in Forbes about the pressure that CFOs are taking on and what the top four priorities for CFOs should be in 2020. CFOs are taking on a larger strategic role at their companies and are steering their finance departments and the entire business into an uncharted, data-driven world. 

At RECONNECT 19, Lone Star College's Katy Holloway, Business Analyst, and Tammy Cortes, Associate Vice Chancellor, spoke about how the college manages cash and investments using PeopleSoft Cash and Treasury solutions. 

Over the last year or so, PeopleSoft has added new functionality to help with grants, contracts, and project costing. Joe Willever, PeopleSoft ESA Product Strategy, recently provided an overview of new PeopleSoft Grants and Contracts functionality that is now available.

At RECONNECT 19, Jian Wen, Oracle Product Strategy Director for PeopleSoft Financial Management Solutions, spoke about how to integrate the latest innovations for PeopleSoft Finance and Accounting. She provided an update on Oracle’s PeopleSoft Financial Control and Reporting solution and the efficiency gained with Fluid expansions such as maintenance of the financial structure, journal entry through configuration, and real-time insights with business intelligence as the period close progresses. There are several PeopleSoft Financials capabilities that you can selectively adopt as well as many planned features on the roadmap that help to drive efficiency, productivity, and a shorter close cycle, as well as new reporting opportunities.

Jan 21

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PeopleSoft Fluid Simple Journal Entry simplifies the Journal Entry page using a configurable journal template, which reduces data entry errors and enables greater control over the data your users can enter. Delivered in Image 29 and 33, this journal entry point for PeopleSoft General Ledger has the same power as the Classic Plus Journal Entry feature. Your users can add new journals, edit, copy, and post journals. 

PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 34 was recently released, and it contains a long list of helpful new features. Check out the highlights in this post.

Access all 14 Quest Experience Week PeopleSoft session recordings. Purchase now.

Access all 14 Quest Experience Week PeopleSoft session recordings. Purchase now.