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Presented at RECONNECT 20

The PeopleSoft Contracts, Project Costing and Grants applications provide customers with capabilities to create contracts, collect and report on cost, invoice customers and recognize revenue. Attend this session to learn about some of the hidden gems in these products in addition to new tools to compress large volumes of project costing data and a new modern interface for processing contract revenue and billing during the monthly close. We will provide insight into the planned roadmap including a discussion on plans to leverage new technology and reporting tools in these products.

Presented by

Joe Willever, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at RECONNECT 20

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2. delivers a method for sending vouchers through definable workflow. However, it is limited when trying to utilize a Signature of Authority Matrix.

Utilizing delivered Voucher Workflow functionality, we added another layer of innovation that allows the AP Associate to SELECT the first level approver. If the approver doesn't have appropriate signature authority, the voucher will route to the next level until signature authority has been met.

This allows the AP Associate the flexibility to route the voucher to the appropriate approver, regardless of Department, type of invoice/vendor, or amount.

Review delivered AP Workflow Approval Setup and how it works. Explain how the delivered workflows were restricting us in AP for Approvals.

Review Signature of Authority (SOA) Matrix and how it can relate to your company. Explain concepts behind this method of approval levels and what it takes to implement it.

Demonstrate setup and configuration for Voucher Workflow, modifying the voucher page, building View tables and SQL to pull it all together.

Presented by

Tam Hibbard, Cherokee Nation Businesses

Richard Conley Cherokee Nation Businesses

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Let Oracle Support show our capabilities of PeopleSoft Spreadsheet Journal Import using Web Service technology. Learn how it works with edits, approval and configure Integration Broker properly.

Presented by

Vidya Nambiar, Oracle America, Inc

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Organizations need to grow while reducing costs. Attend this session to get an update of continuous innovations within Oracle's PeopleSoft ERP that support collaboration between business and financial operations leveraging new technologies, expanded visibility, and automated business flows. Come and see the PeopleSoft ERP value to your stakeholders to improve productivity, empower users with new reporting tools to make timely decisions, and reduce costs of operations through new technologies. This session also showcases the roadmap for PeopleSoft ERP planned through the delivery of PeopleSoft update images to support the collaboration and productivity needed for your organization’s cost reductions and growth.

Presented at RECONNECT 20

To remain ADA compliant, employers must provide reasonable accommodations for employees with a disability, and sometimes purchase expense software to keep track of these requests. But did you know that PeopleSoft has delivered functionality to do this? The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill had been tracking this data manually in spreadsheets with no visibility and no reporting. The University implemented Disability Accommodation Tracking module with almost all delivered functionality. Come and learn from our case study in implementing this module.

Understand Core Functionality for Disability Accommodation Tracking including how it interacts with other modules

Discuss limitations and what customizations can add value

How to convert legacy data and build solid reporting

Presented by

Alex Smith, North Carolina State University

Presented at RECONNECT 20 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is allowing PeopleSoft customers to improve operational efficiency and realize labor savings. RPA has applicability across HCM, FSCM, CRM, and CS applications. A few use cases where RPA has proven particularly beneficial are: 

- Accounts Payable Processing 

- Expenses and PCard Reconciliation 

- Catalog Pricing and Item Master Maintenance  

- Asset Management Maintenance 

- Employee On-boarding 

- Supplier Information Management 

During this session, we will explore how RPA helps modernize PeopleSoft by increasing efficiency, and productivity. There will be a live RPA demonstration, open discussion on how RPA solves business challenges, and best practices to build the business case for RPA in your environment. 

Join Astute Business Solutions to learn about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the organizational benefits of the implementation of RPA into your PeopleSoft environment. 

Get all your burning questions about RPA answered during this live demo and Q&A session. 

Presented by 

Joe Finlinson, Astute Business Solutions 

Presented at RECONNECT 20

Cape Cod Health successfully implemented PeopleSoft Lease Administration 9.2 in eight short weeks for a 10/01/2019 go-live. Driving the project was a proven methodology specifically designed for lease administration along with detailed client preparation. In this session we will discuss the overall approach; the timeline; the resources required; the project structure; major tasks & activities; success factors; knowledge transfer and lessons learned. This presentation will assist your organization with understanding how to leverage and implement PeopleSoft Lease Administration to support the new accounting standard.

Provide concrete examples demonstrating how an organization can successfully implement PeopleSoft Lease Administration.

Share tips and advice related to Lease Administration in addition to giving the audience a chance to ask questions relating to their own situation.

Presented by

Shannon Roche, MIPRO Consulting

Steven Brenner MIPRO Consulting

Oct 27 @  2:00pm

Financial functions are the heartbeat of any company, and having fast, accurate information is critical to agile decision-making. Unfortunately, many businesses undergo the manual process of downloading data into Excel and massaging it to present it to decision makers so they can make informed decisions. However, what if you want to create a new report…

Presented at RECONNECT 20

SRNS uses OBIEE Agents to deliver data directly to end users on a scheduled basis. Users no longer log in, navigate, select and manually retrieve data – it automagically appears in their inbox at pre-determined times, reducing frustrations and generating cost savings.

Express the automatic abilities of OBI.

Explain how our company utilized this ability.

Encourage the audience to think about doing the same.

Presented by

Jennifer Scott, Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Jeff Evans Savannah River Nuclear Solutions

Presented at RECONNECT 20

This session will focus on how to take advantage of KIBANA with PeopleSoft Financials. The session will provide a step by step from Virtual Box to the sample Accounts Payable Kibana Dashboards. We will also cover tips and techniques in support of performance.